Abetting deception

William T

William T. Robinson, Jr.

We have all had time to see how Trump’s presidency is playing out in the public arena. He has taken the highest and most respected position in the world and made it into a facetious spectacle. He has shown his true colors, but yet there are still those who are defending him and making excuses for what is plainly obvious.

There is nothing presidential and noteworthy about Trump’s actions. He has shown time and time again that you can be a compulsive liar lacking any commendable virtues or morality and be the president of the most powerful country in the world—so much for ethics and respectability.

The saga goes on and on weekly with never ending antics catapulting his supercilious nature to unwarranted heights. His tirades continue because it seems not enough people are working diligently enough to effectively address him or working to put an end to his unholy and unethical reign. Regardless of Trump’s unprecedented choices and actions, you still find a plethora of loyal supporters refusing to call him out on his shortcomings. I find that to be the saddest part of the divisiveness he continues to create.

Maybe we should be grateful, for he has uncovered a devoted group of people who are so loyal to their party that they are willing to look the other way when it comes to what is in the best interests of this country. Make no mistake, Trump has manifested a notable disdain for minorities, immigrants, and women—while acting as a sycophant for White nationalists and the excessively wealthy.

It is understandable that political parties have national platforms that embed the interest of those supporting the party, but sometimes it comes to a point where you must put the best interests of the country ahead of Party—when the leaders are literally out of control and complicit with questionable unsavory factions in our society. There comes a time when your moral compass should be your guide. You must disassociate yourself from what you know is morally and ethnically wrong, especially as it concerns your fellow man. This should not be a political party decision but an individual right thing to do.

Unfortunately concern for your fellow man is not a virtue many people are willing to submit to, thus adding to the racial, economical, and political disintegration occurring in our country. Can’t people unwilling to confront the problem see that we all lose? It can’t always be about oneself. It must be about helping everyone collectively.

There are new heroes in the spotlight that we all can be proud of regardless of your political affiliation. I am referring to Bob Corker, a senator from Tennessee and John McCain a war hero and senator from Arizona. Both of these men are Republicans who have publically questioned the president’s credibility as a competent leader. But there are too many other people surrounding Trump who are doing this country a grave disservice by trying to explain away his unnerving antics or tirades. Making excuses for a pathological liar is not the answer. You are only being complicit and validating his madness.

It is time for more people interested in saving this nation to tell the Emperor that regardless of what he believes or is told by his fans that he is naked. I don’t think it is too late to salvage the reputation of this country in the eyes of the world if we acknowledge and address the real issue. The president doesn’t need to be ignored. He needs to be removed. Are we going to let one man continue to divide this country?

Maybe I’ve got it wrong, and it is not Trump. Maybe the problem is the people who don’t believe we can make a difference, and that the present status quo rules. I am asking everyone to put aside their party affiliation and loyalty and abide by their moral conscience on issues affecting the American people. We cannot allow one man to literally destroy our country by igniting our prejudices. One must remember that the mind should not be allowed to be held hostage for hate.