Musician, artist Jaefriz joins forces to support the homeless

Jamal ‘Jaefriz’ Dotson, ‘Father of Rappiono,’ has a program to help the homeless. (photo by D. Culp)

Jamal ‘Jaefriz’ Dotson, ‘Father of Rappiono,’ has a program to help the homeless. (photo by D. Culp)

How easy is it to see firsthand how excited someone can become over supporting a much needed population and joint community program? Well, one Nashvillian acts as the baseline and an excited cheerleader doing just that.

Being homeless is no joke or fun for anyone, no matter what time of year it is. With the holidays and frigid temperatures already making their presences known, the homeless are going to need all the help they can literally get.

The partnership includes both the Oasis Center and the Room at the Inn, organizations. The public is asked to jump in where they can as soon as possible to support and attend any one of the artistic, live benefit performances. Of course financial contributions and donations are at the top of the welcome list, but other items are needed as well, including the following essential cold weather items: knit or wool hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, coats, hand warmers, and backpacks (with or without small toiletries included). The latter may be dropped off separately. The drop off point is The Room at the Inn, 706 Drexel, Nashville, Tennessee 37203. The Oasis Center is only accepting sleeping bags as well as financial contributions. The Oasis Center is located at 1704 Charlotte Ave 37203.

At press time, we caught up with the ‘Father of Rappino’ himself, Jamal ‘Jaefriz’ Dotson. He was beyond excited about the partnership with Mayor Megan Barry and the Metro Arts of Nashville program to support the homeless population of Music City.

“I am so excited that my project with Metro Arts has finally been approved and we can move full steam ahead to support it,” said Dotson. “I will be performing at Kingdom Café and in Room in The Inn now through January 2018. I join others in making a formal plea for the people of Nashville to please attend the shows and provide items for Room in The Inn’s ‘Five to Survive’ program to benefit the homeless community. The partners of my project are Oasis Center and Room in The Inn.”

Dotson is originally from Birmingham, Alabama and is a graduate of Hueytown High School. He recently earned a B.S. degree in commercial music technology, from Tennessee State University (TSU). This type of degree stems primarily from the Commercial Music Program at TSU. Dotson’s Bachelor of Science music degree is in music with a concentration in commercial music technology.

Jamal is in the process of launching his new album Creation. It will feature various songs like: ‘Through the Stars’ and ‘Apology.’ ‘Apology’ is a song utilizing the mixed assets of a two-person relationship with issues touched in the relationship. A portion of the proceeds from the new album will benefit the homeless project. Dotson stays connected to both existing and new fans via Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.