‘When Men Pray’ service set for Saturday at Greater Bethel A.M.E

‘When Men Pray,’ a service of prayer and uplifting meditations, will be held Saturday, November 18, from 10 am until noon, at Greater Bethel AME Church located at 1300 South Street, in South Nashville, at the mouth of the Gulch.

Rev. Howard Jones, creator of the event and senior pastor of Fairfield M. B. Church said: “We should galvanize our strengths to respect, protect and honor our women, children, the elderly and self. We must be influencers and atmosphere changers for a meaningful quality of life for such a time as this.”

The program is a partnership with Greater Bethel A.M.E Church and Fairfield M.B. Church.

“We are pleased to be a part of this event to uplift and uphold our families and communities,” said Rev. Walter W. Reid, pastor of Greater Bethel. “When men stand up and pray, it will positively impact families and our communities as a whole, and ultimately the world.”

Crime is steadily encroaching on the activities of everyday life of citizens, and members of communities are beginning to take a stand. Judge Carlton Lewis, who recently spoke at a youth rally to prevent violence said,

“It is unfathomable what our children and youth have to experience in everyday life. They have lost hope and feel there is no help. We must do something to change that trajectory and put them on a positive path.”

Many have voiced their opinions that violence is everywhere: homes, churches, schools, at work and at play and there is no escaping it—no peace. Citizens believe being silent, still and stolid is not the answer, it is time for action.

“We must be bold, be proud, be vigilant, be strong, and stand up to demonstrate we love our children, neighbors,
community and self, as well as, the God we serve,” said Jones.