‘Family First Life’ president/ owner visits Nashville

Nashville's Family First Life Music City Brokers share a holiday photo op. (photo by D. Culp)

Nashville’s Family First Life Music City Brokers share a holiday photo op. (photo by D. Culp)

In a day and age where quality customer service and employment options have down sized, it can be enough to get the workers in on time. Meet and greets by upper level management and traveling across country to invest in or spend time with those working under them is not an everyday occurrence.

Family First Life founder/owner Shawn Mieake; President Matt Smith; executives, Mike Killiment (vice president over the Southeast agency), and Bobby Bridges traveled to Nashville via commercial and chartered aircrafts to meet with executive Cory Beal and his team of agents and brokers. They met with the Music City leaders, agents and brokers over a remarkable brunch inside the award winning Kitchen Notes restaurant in the downtown Omni Hotel.

“We are really growing here in Nashville and within the Family First Life Music City Brokers,” said Brandi Graham, executive assistant to Mr. Beal. “Almost 20 of us were on hand today, and we are interviewing and signing up new agents as we speak.”

Each of the top-level executives spoke clearly in seminar fashion, utilizing a wet marker board to further communicate the messages to those in attendance. As each one of the out of town team members took the floor, they made time to stop for audience questions and frequently asked if anyone had questions for them.

The event started promptly at 8 am and dismissed close to the noontime previously allotted. Afterwards the team moved to another part of the hotel to participate in a debriefing of the day by Cory Beal. The latter included an update on the annual Family First Life international conference, taking place in Dallas, Texas during the middle of February, 2018.

Even in the debriefing wrap up, the agent-brokers received an abundance of support from each other and Cory.

“I cannot stress to you how important it is to stay consistent and produce,” said Beal to the team. “No one said that it was going to be easy, but in this company we support one another to the highest level. I cannot grow without you. We are all in this amazing thing together.”

The seminar noted how invaluable the proper use of social media and leads can be to accommodate the necessary (ongoing) training and hard work. Not only did the top-level executive travel from afar, many of the agents and brokers hailed from other states too.

Team members came from Atlanta and Chicago, St. Louis and further still to join forces with the Nashville team to help make the day the huge success it turned out to be.

No one sugar coated any part of the field or the hard work and consistency involved. The uncut truth was shared by both sides as they were shown how this field could be very lucrative for them.

Insurance is a multi-faceted and very much needed industry. Whether it is to obtain a life insurance policy to handle final expenses, to help put the spouse and family in a more independent, secured position or to invest in other Family Life products, those in attendance for the brunch were well enlightened and eager to learn even more.