‘The Queen’ holds court

William T

William T. Robinson, Jr.

During the 2018 Golden Globe Awards held Jan. 7, the beloved Oprah Winfrey was honored as the first African American woman recipient of the Cecil B. Demille Award for Lifetime Achievement in her contribution to entertainment. Oprah is affectionately called ‘The Queen’ by many of her followers. She captivated and wooed the audience with her eloquent and heartfelt acceptance speech.

Her stellar speech was humbling, powerful, and inspiring, paying deference to the first African male recipient of the award, Henry Poitier, by sharing her admiration and respect for him as an inspiring role model. But her most uniting and redeeming message arose from her conformation and support for the ‘Me Too’ movement. She adamantly proclaimed that sexual harassment and sexual abuse would no longer be tolerated. She vehemently warned sexual abusers of women that their time was up. She gave her seal of support, helping to solidify the momentum and strength of the movement and called for an end to this sordid practice.

The response from the audience was well received with thunderous applause manifesting unanimous acceptance. No doubt, she served as a pertinent conduit, uniting and encouraging the sisterhood of women and concerned supporters to unite and rally to make ‘Never Again’ more than a dissipating and temporary slogan. Her aura and powerful presentation sparked hope from her fans that she would run for president in 2020. Seemingly, her court feels she is more than capable.

Short of having political experience (which has proven not to be a prerequisite or qualification based on the present occupant of the office), she has an impressive resume.

She is a renowned household national personality, an astute and sagacious businesswoman, and a harbinger of wisdom. She resonates with qualities such as kindness, spirituality, generosity, and humanitarian concerns. I don’t think I would be incorrect if I said she represent the concerns and realities of the ‘people.’

She came from humble and trying beginnings, catapulting herself into being one of the most powerful and respected women in the world. She is a paragon for women (especially women of color) who see her as an example to strive for and emulate, believing anything is possible. No doubt, she represents the epitome of the American Dream, and what makes it so beautiful is that she appears to have arrived unscathed.

If there are those who don’t necessarily like her, you must respect her because she has proven herself time and time again. In fact, she is said to have the Midas touch when it comes to her business transactions. She is a philanthropist and proudly invests in the future of others, especially our youth.

We can only thank God that we are blessed and favored to have her as a beacon of hope and promise, especially for those who feel trivialized and inconsequential. She is definitely a force to be reckoned with and no one’s fool. She manifests an intelligence and dignity worthy of emulation, but her propensity for humanitarian concerns is probably her greatest asset. Oprah’s presence and contagious passion only shows the world what so many of us already know. She rocks.

Her ascension is only appropriate to those who love her. They see her as royalty and have dubbed her ‘Queen Oprah.’ Her devoted court thanks her for her sincerity and unquestionable love. While it is her choice, we hope she seriously considers running for president in 2020. Let’s pray about it, and if it is God’s will it will prevail.