The Omarosa saga

William T

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Narratives of Omarosa Manigault-Newman may vary accordingly to the objective of those pushing various agendas. It is no question that she is a very controversial subject, promoting sensationalism for many and for some soliciting total disdain. However, I have found that many people in the African American community find her an embarrassment and opportunist pushing her own egotistical and selfish agenda. Some would go so far as to describe her like her former employer, President Donald Trump, as being supercilious and over-whelmed with an exaggerated sense of self-importance. No doubt she is riding the public wave, basking over all the recognition and attention she can get before interest in her begins to wane.

Many people wish she would just go away. They feel she is figuratively being forced down their throats by a sensation-seeking media. Her position as a devout African American Republican attempting to solicit more African Americans to the Republican Party doesn’t seem to be working, especially in light of a repulsive president that has time and time again manifested his racist and demeaning views toward people of color and immigrants.

The mere fact that Omarosa and other Black Republicans still continue to support Trump make many question their true motives. What is it you are seeking to gain personally that would blindside you to the truth of the horrendous ugliness that exists in this administration? What is so important that one is able to overlook decency, righteousness, and truth? Why prioritize political party loyalty over the needs and wants of most Americans?

Sometimes it is about following one’s moral compass and doing the right thing. But maybe there are some among us who truly lack a moral compass or are adamant in putting their own self-serving agendas over what is in the best interests of common American citizens. Many would conclude that the lack of compassion coming from Omarosa and some other African American Republicans is treasonous to those less fortunate. It should not be hard to understand why so many in the Black community don’t buy into her rationalization for her political stance, considering the hostile racial climate manifested by our president. It would have been wise for her to pause and reevaluate her position until this administration’s foggy cloud of blatant racism dissipates.

Too many times you describe Blacks loyal to the Republican Party as being educated, highly intelligent, economically successfully, perhaps entrepreneurial—who, because of their positions of status, find it hard to identify or relate to those less fortunate. They blame those trivialized and down trodden for being responsible for their own economic and social shortcomings.

I guess what many people find ironic is that Omarosa is a very beautiful and intelligent, educated Black woman who could be a positive role model for young Black women. However, it appears she is trying to dishonor the Black community though her sensational and self-serving antics to gain attention and public acclaim. If one were to follow her history, it is apparent her desire to achieve national attention apparently supersedes everything else.

As a native of Youngstown, Ohio, Omarosa graduated from Central State University with a B.S. in broadcast journalism. She continued her education to receive her Masters from Howard University in Washington D.C. She was at one time an aide, working for former Vice President Al Gore during the Bill Clinton administration. Maybe it was her position as a former participant on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice that gave her a taste for being in the limelight. She seems immune to anything but continuing her own self-promoting rise.

Possibly she saw her friendship and relationship with the billionaire Trump as a means to help her realize and meet her dreams. You would think that Donald Trump’s racist, misogynistic, and divisive position as a candidate for president would have made her reluctant to accept a position as the Director for Communications for the Office of Public Liaison for the Trump Administration. Her job required her to act as a conduit to gather Black support for the Republican Party. She must have been mindful that many Blacks see her as a traitor, advocating for a racist administration that appears to be oblivious to the needs of minorities, especially people who looked like her. She had to know that she would meet opposition from Blacks vehemently angered over Trumps dehumanizing diatribes. She appears to embrace the racist and divisive policies of this maniacal president.

In the Black comm-unity we are constantly aware of manipulative, self-serving African Americans willing to sell their souls and communities for lucrative and powerful positions regardless of the cost or hurt to others. Now that Omarosa has been fired (or has resigned?) from her position in the White House, she continues to try to bask in the public limelight. She entices those choosing to follow her with a forthcoming promise of a lucrative tell-all book about Trump’s administration—and dreams of participation in another reality show in the future.

There are some wishing Omarosa the best, but there are others (not necessarily haters), who are just wishing she would go away.