Transit for Nashville launches ‘Get Out the Vote’ campaign with event at Plaza Mariachi

Congressman Jim Cooper addresses the crowd at the ‘Get Out the Vote’ campaign kickoff for the ‘Let’s Move Nashville’ transit plan.

The Transit For Nashville coalition hosted its official ‘Get Out the Vote’ campaign kickoff at Plaza Mariachi last Saturday.

Hundreds of coalition members, transit supporters from across Davidson County and community leaders came together to launch the campaign to get voters to the polls on May 1 and vote for the Let’s Move Nashville transit plan.

“We desperately need a mass transit system that serves everyone in Nashville, which is what this plan does,” said Payton Renfroe, a Hume-Fogg High School student who is part of the pedestrian safety organization ‘Stop! Take Notice.’ Let’s Move Nashville will make getting around the city easier, which means I’ll have more time to spend with my family and less time sitting in traffic. Whether you’re a student like me, or someone living in poverty; whether you’re elderly, disabled, or a single mother working two jobs; everyone will have cheaper, safer and more reliable ways to move around with this plan, which is why I’m voting for it.”

“I’m here today because Nashville is about to make the biggest decision in its history in regards to its transit system and we need to make sure it’s the right one,” said Councilman Jeremy Elrod.

“Let’s Move Nashville is undoubtedly the best option we have to fix our city’s growing traffic issues. If we want to continue to be the prosperous city we are today, we need a transit system that mirrors our growth and doesn’t leave anyone behind. When voters head to the polls in May, I’m confident they will be ready to make this transit plan a reality.”

The Metro Council voted to place the Let’s Move Nashville transit plan on the May 1 ballot. Early voting is from April 11 to 26.