Facing the truth about gun control

William T

William T. Robinson, Jr.

In wake of the last mass school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, it is evident that something has to be done immediately. At this time, students are demanding gun control. It is not going away any time soon, even with manufactured distractions and empty rhetoric by many NRA (National Rifle Association) supporters.

There are attempts to lessen the real elephant in the room by considering stricter background searches; denying mentally ill citizens access to guns; banning bump-stocks that turn regular weapons into assault weapons; more school security officers; and even discussion by President Trump demanding trained armed teachers in classrooms. Some would be quick to state that some of these measures are needed but having professionally trained and armed teachers in our schools is highly contentious and considered by many as unduly extreme. However, while many of these considerations may be somewhat effective, the main and most obvious action would be to ban the sale of assault weapons to civilians.

To most Americans, the correct action to take is a no brainer. The truth is that we have those who are putting money and profit before the lives of our children. Let’s stop playing games and acting naïve. It is about money. Many of those representing us are in the pockets of the NRA. It was so evident when a student asked Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida during a town hall meeting if he would he be willing to refuse money from the NRA. Rubio started filibustering but didn’t say he wouldn’t. Marco Rubio is representative of what many consider to be hypocrites being manipulated and controlled by one of the strongest lobbying PACs in our nation.

While it may sound crude, many Americans, especially parents of killed or injured school children, along with teachers are referring to money given to the campaigns of many politicians as ‘Blood Money.’ How many more innocent lives have to be lost before assault weapons, the main contributors of masses of people being massacred at one given time, are banned to the public? Money shouldn’t buy influence at the expense of our children or love ones.

Assault weapons, which kill numerous people at one time, are meant for the battlefield not for average civilians in our society. There is no rationalization that can justify this travesty that we are allowing by the sale of assault weapons to civilians. It is wrong, immoral and unjust. No amount of rationalizing or attempting to blind oneself to the truth can erase the fact. It is imperative that we ban the sale of assault weapons to the public.

Let’s start calling out those elected officials who are complicit with this continuing massacre of innocent lives by not enacting effective gun control that could truly make a difference. The parents, loved ones, and friends of those killed and injured are crying out for justice and a means for deterring or keeping this nightmare from happening to others.

While we cannot promise that attempts won’t be made against innocent lives, we can minimize the death and injuries by banning assault weapons that kill multiple people at one given time. How can you not agree with banning assault weapons to the public unless you are in bed with the NRA for monetary gain or clandestine favors? Surely, if you have even an iota of conscience or moral compass you can see what needs to be done.

It is frightening as well as alarming to see the effect the NRA as a political action pack has on so many of our elected officials. They are simply in their pockets. There seems to be no limit as to how far NRA supporters will go to sway the public to believe their rights are in jeopardy. No doubt it is the consensus that the public as a whole supports the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution that protects the right of people to keep and bear arms. But there are those causing dissention by making people believe that by banning assault weapons, we will eventually lose our Second Amendment rights. One must be aware that this planted conjecture is ludicrous and a ‘scare tactic.’ Americans have a right to protect themselves and their families with guns, but assault weapons are meant for the battlefield to kill multiple people almost at once. They are not meant for individuals on public streets.

President Trump’s push to arm our teachers in educational institutions with guns would only add to the problem, because some students would try to figure a way to attain the weapon from a teacher’s desk, purse, or locked file. Teachers as a whole want to teach our young children, not be trained to shoot them. Many feel teachers in the schools with guns would be adding gasoline to a fire.

Let’s do what we know is right and necessary—ban the sale of assault weapons to civilians and stop putting money before our children.