Are the police under attack?


Richard Hammond, Esq.

Recently, on one of the Network News channel lead-ins here in Detroit, a newscaster questioned: “Are the police under attack not only in Detroit but around the nation?” Is there diminished respect for the rule of law in America? Let’s look at just who the police are since they represent a segment of the ruling power structure. In this country, power is divided into three branch classifications. They are the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive. It is all about power

The Legislative branch is made up of those whom we elect. They are to serve the will of the people. These representatives create the laws, which supposedly govern the people. The Executive branch includes the people who are supposed to carry out those laws as established by the legislators. Finally, there is the Judiciary branch of government. It interprets and determines whether those laws are fair and just. It is all about power.

Where do the police fit in?

The police are a part of the Executive branch of government. They have the power to arrest. In other words, they have the power to take away the freedom of a citizen if they believe a law has been broken. The police embrace the motto ‘To Protect and Serve.’ When, in actuality, the police protect property or the people who have property and citizen’s well being. Could this be a source of the problem as to why there seems to be less than vigorous support for the local constabulary or law enforcement?

The police represent the power structure of this government. Unfortunately, some of the agents of enforcement or police officers do not have the intellect or temperament to occupy such an important position. Further, since the police reflect the will of the ‘system’ and since the ‘system’ is comprised of human beings along with their frailties and biases, enforcement will also contain expressions of America’s prejudices.

So it is with the other two branches (judiciary and legislative) of government. The result is that when the people tire of the abuses of power, which in some instances deprive them of their basic fundamental rights, they respond by using the same measures with which those rights are taken—force of violence. It is all about power or the abuse of the same.