Resounding cry to wake up

William T

William T. Robinson, Jr.

I don’t think you can argue with the fact that most Americans love this country and want the best for all its citizens. But with the present Donald Trump Era, you find a huge philosophical as well as racial divide that appears to daily divide and eat at the very core of our great nation. It is a real concern that threatens to keep us from a much-needed mutual compromise that will keep us intact as a country.

We much attempt to put our own personal ideologies and political preferences aside and honestly look at what is best for the country as a whole and respect the rights and well being of all law abiding citizens. We must use logic and common sense to deal with the real issues affronting us and realistically and honestly ask ourselves ‘do we have a competent and welling meaning president leading our country?’ In doing so, we are asking for people to divorce themselves from allegiance to their political parties. In the face of everything they value and love, they must ask themselves if this president is acting in the best interests of this country or is he pandering to a self serving agenda, oblivious to the cries and wants of the average American citizens.

We must honestly and individually ask ourselves if this is the president this country needs and deserves. I honestly believe if you answer truthfully, an astounding number of citizens would emphatically and vehemently cry out that we deserve better. This present president is inept and unacceptable. But as it stands, Donald Trump is the elephant in the room that continues to parade his highly contentious agenda with the support and approval of a majority-controlled Republican Congress. If this is how politics works (supporting someone regardless of what they stand for or represent), then we as a country need to go back and revisit and revise everything written about being a morally conscious, and spiritually led country. Because as it stands now, we have thrown truth, righteousness, and morality out the window.

We have a president who has blatantly, time after time, expressed racial dislike for many people of color—referring to immigrant Latinos coming from Mexico as rapists, criminals, and harbingers of drugs decimating the very fiber of our country. He called out NFL players taking a knee as sons of b*tches. However, he referred too many in the Alt-Right supremacist group as good people, and he referred to third world African countries as sh*t holes and that we should seek more immigrants from Norway (a predominately White European country).

His views concerning women are just as dehumanizing and degrading. He has bragged about being so rich and famous that he has personally grabbed women by the vagina. This is a president who has several women alleging sexual misconduct against him. He also has a porn star alleging she was paid to be quiet (this affair took place when his wife was home with his three-month-old son).

It is highly ironic that the MeToo and the Never Again Movements can hold so many alleged men accountable (with many of them losing their jobs and positions) but not fight vehemently for an investigation of the president, possibly leading to his removal. This literally hurts the credibility of these movements in truly seeking justice. Even with his noted misogynistic record, a high number of White women still reportedly favor supporting the president.

Our actions in what we say we stand for morally and spiritually as citizens are in direct conflict with what many of us are choosing not to do. This makes many citizens the epitome of hypocrites. It makes even children question how we can support such an immoral unethical president. Remember the saying: ‘if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck?’

The news media is often playing the Democrats against the Republicans, constantly emphasizing their non-partisan gridlock. But it is much more far reaching, because it is really about right and wrong and advocating for the best interests of the average American citizen.

Whether Trump is a Republican, Democrat, Independent, or whatever, this president is a pernicious sore on this country. The Republican Party ingratiates and dehumanizes itself by not repudiating the president’s unethical and unacceptable behavior and the positions he has supported. But there seem to me no shortage of Republicans rubber stamping his actions, making excuses for him and literally looking the other way when it comes to his racist actions and remarks. Like it or not, this says a lot about you as a person.

I guess in all honestly, there are those who may laud his behavior and positions as beneficial for their own self-serving purposes. I am referring to the hefty tax break for corporate America and the super rich, and his coddling of the NRA with his lenient approach to real gun control. There is also the alt White supremacist groups whom we all know see Trump as one of their greatest sons and supporters.

Accepting Trump’s infantile, immoral, arrogant, racist, and misogynistic behavior makes one complicit in the moral and ethical decay of this country. People of color are now very leery of any of their so-called White friends who still feel an allegiance or infinity to this president. People of color still supporting Trump adamantly are seen as opportunists, looking for favors or personal benefits from the Republican Party. Unless you are blind, you should know the real Trump by now. It goes back to the sagacious adage that ‘when a person shows you who they are time the first time, you should believe them.’ Donald Trump continues to show us who he is.

Maybe some of those adamantly supporting Trump regardless of what he does or what he represents are showing the world who they really are. Probably waking up and seeing the light is not an option they are willing to entertain. So the gridlock continues, and it hurts us all.