Dazzling Red Hat Sisters celebrate Motown by honoring Women’s Month in grand style

Queen Geraldine Yokeley (center) and partial membership of the Red Hatters (courtesy photo).

Women’s Month 2018 is half way over and reported successes are proudly and graciously being heard nationwide. For those not privy to the bare details, The Red Hat Society is a nonprofit, play oriented support group for women ages 50 and over. The red hat (crowns) and purple accessories make up a tad bit of the organized gaiety seen streaming proudly through crowds and events everywhere these ladies go.

When the word ‘Motown’ is heard locally in its respective city of Detroit, Michigan or anywhere in the world, much comes to mind. Other popular slogans like: “‘Hitsville USA,’ we put the world on wheels and brought music to your ears.”

Now add another worldwide, reputable, equally popular city whose title and claim to musical fame is Music City, USA (Nashville, Tennessee). Some say Nashville was given her title by Queen Victoria of England, after a myriad of amazing musical streams found its way into the ears of those across the ‘big pond’ or the Atlantic Ocean.

This year’s fashion show and full-plated course luncheon was held to the tune of a sold out crowd months in advance. It was complete with vendors that would rival any Southern Women’s Show. Each model brought her own zest and flare to the runway, while doing her part to bring each of the five scenes to life. Those scenes included: 1) Sunday Morning Singing; 2) The Goal Line 3) Motown Soiree; 4) Wild, Wild West; and 5) Hot Stuff.

Timeless Motown classic songs could be heard throughout the event, turning the Fifty Forward Community Center into yet another sizzling hot, memorable venue.

The Nashville based ‘Dazzling Red Hat Sisters’ are proudly lead by chapter Queen Gerline Yokley with strong supporters behind her. The support included: Vice Queen Sandra Bryant; Secretary Deborah Carpenter; Bulah Crowder; Willa Howard; Navita Gunter; Dr. Judy Holmes; and two newer supporters, the Nashville Pride’s own, Deborah A. Culp; and Mrs. Lois Bernard.

Name a fashion show that doesn’t come equipped with a gaggle of paparazzi photographers complete with cell phones or other paraphrenalia. This one was no different with guests, professionals, family and friends who all joined in the fun and fanfare.