Advance Financial sees rapid business, hires 79 new team members

Last updated on January 17th, 2020 at 04:50 am

The fastest growing small-dollar loan financial services company in Tennessee, and one of the leading companies nationwide within its industry, announced today the hiring of 79 new team members. The additional employees were added as part of a first-quarter hiring spree to accommodate significant growth Advance Financial experienced in 2017, as well as additional growth forecast in 2018.Advance Financial 247

In the past 12 months, Advance Financial has opened 11 new locations in Tennessee, bringing to 87 the total number of stores in the state, with plans to open 16 more in 2018, which means Advance Financial will open its 100th store this year.

The past 12 months has also seen the company expand outside of Tennessee for the first time, extending its online FLEX loan services to nine other states: Alabama, California, Delaware, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, North Dakota, Utah and Virginia.

One of our priority initiatives for the start of the year was growing our team to match the success we achieved in 2017 and the continued growth we have planned in 2018, said Tina Hodges, the company’s chief executive and chief experience officer.
We are very fortunate to have identified 79 new team members that are not only passionate about our mission, but excited to play a part in helping Advance Financial achieve even greater success. And this is just the start. Our goal is to hire 100+ new team members in the first quarter of this year.

The new team members will fill various roles throughout the organization, including retail, call center and corporate positions.

About Advance Financial

Named a 2017 Company of the Year in the 15th Annual American Business Awards, Advance Financial offers a range of financial services including prepaid cards, electronic wire services to anywhere in the world, check cashing, free bill-payment services and free money orders. The company’s loan product is not just a small dollar loan, but also a flexible line of credit (called a FLEX Loan) that offers customers the freedom of access to funds on their schedule with no late fees or early payoff penalties.