Hidden gems of concealed, unexpected blessings

Some amazing things come in unexpected packages.

How many people will humbly admit to being vulnerable and openly announce pride at being homeless? They are not likely to brag about why they’ve reached such a station in life, period.

Any number of reasons lead us (or any of our loved ones) to becoming homeless citizens.

Not all stem from weather forces like extreme heat or cold. Unforeseeable dynamics such as severe health issues both physical and mental, or a mixture of both, can propel one to homelessness.

Nashville based Room In The Inn is one of many hidden gems of concealed and unexpected blessings. Some of its noted services include: transitional and permanent housing; Hope University, with education and workforce development; winter shelter; the Guest House; and Recuperative Care Program.

“Room In The Inn’s Guest House is often a first step towards recovery. Created in 1991 at the request of Nashville’s judges, our Guest House provides an alternative to jail for public intoxication. In addition, we coordinate with hospitals and other care providers to provide recuperative care, which includes respite for medically fragile homeless individuals recovering from recent hospitalization, illness, or injury,” said a program representative.

The program prides itself on working even closer with other credible organizations and agencies.

That’s where the program’s ‘rubber meets the road’ to assure long-term success.

The ‘rubber’ in this case is comprised of the people and the priceless community in which we all serve.

Room In the Inn offers other programs. For more information on how to get involved or apply accordingly, contact them directly.