Katt strikes again with successful new tour

Katt Williams

This past Good Friday at the Municipal Auditorium, Katt was back and on the attack. Once again, gracing his presence upon Music City, Mr. Williams, comedian extraordinaire, lit the city on fire as he does annually around this time. It was the 11:11 RNS World Tour, his newest 100-city showcase. The funny man delivered another classic display of genius at the nearly sold-out venue. Of course, as always, he brought along a few of his friends, including: Red Grant, Mark Curry and Nelson Martini. His team hilariously warmed up the crowd with their barrage of jokes. Each presented a different style, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

The atmosphere was electric. His backdrop was ‘pimpin.’ The interaction and rapport he has with his fans can only be described as classic. As he always does, Williams comically discussed current events as well as addressing a wide range of real life issues. The menu this time around included: fruits and vegetables, Donald Trump (of course), music lyrics, and a host of other topics.

Williams touches on topics and subjects that aren’t normally discussed—things that others wouldn’t dare talk about. He prides himself on going against the grain. In a way, that’s become his signature throughout his whole career. If you’re seeking truth, listen to Katt.

These days, Katt seems to either be on the road or booked on television. Netflix released his comedy special Great America in mid January. His newest TV stint was on the hit show Atlanta, season two, episode one. His role is ‘Alligator Man,’ which aired March 1.

He’s well worth the price of admission. It can be argued that he’s the most talented comic out there. Katt’s manipulation of his craft is brilliant. Look out for Katt Williams coming to this town in the not-so-distant future. He will return, and it’s sure to be epic.