First Baptist Capitol Hill’s Easter Egg Hunt gets support from Councilman Scott Davis

Councilman Scott Davis shares photo op with a family at the Easter Egg Hunt and Puppet Show (photo by D. Culp).

First Baptist Church of Capitol Hill held their annual Easter egg hunt at Kelly Miller Smith Senior Apartment Towers. This year the Nashville Public Library Puppet Truck and Councilman Scott Davis (District 5) joined in for added support.

The puppet truck provided an educational and entertaining string puppet show, which captivated the audience, young and old alike. Fortunately the weather held up for the outside portion of the hunt allowing all who participated to obtain some of the hidden goodies. Once the fun was completed outside, everyone proceeded inside to the community room to continue the day’s agenda.

Councilman Scott Davis surprised the kids with prizes for the Bingo game and fully stocked Easter baskets. No child walked away empty-handed, with each receiving an age appropriate basket and treats.

The seniors were not left out either as a hot meal was provided for them as well as the children.

“The purpose of this event is to provide for the children, break bread together and allow those in attendance to engage positively with each other in a fun interactive way,” said Rev. Dr. Kelly Miller Smith, Jr., senior pastor of First Baptist Capitol Hill.

Some of the seniors present were tenants and grandparents of the children present. They too were entertained by the library’s puppet show. Many said they had not seen it before. The stories told and characters used in the show were down to earth and realistic enough to keep memories fresh for some time to come.

Once the Bingo game began, the healthy competition began—with kids against seniors in the heated race to win candy and other prizes. The game continued until all of the prizes had been won and distributed. It was a successful event that left smiles on many faces for this year’s Easter holiday weekend in North Nashville.

Photos from First Baptist Church Capitol Hill’s Easter Egg Hunt

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