Pastor Jerry L. Maynard, II: Nashville Transit Improvement Program is best for our community

Jerry Maynard

As the lead pastor of Southside Community Church, I believe it is my duty to advocate for the issues that will best benefit my congregation and community.

I support the transit plan and am proud that Faith Leaders United, a collection of more than 40 pastors of which I am a member, has fully endorsed this plan as well.

These pastors from all across the city have endorsed the transit plan, not because we think it’s perfect, but because it will dramatically improve the lives of the people who rely on public transportation.

It will drastically enhance the bus system almost immediately. We’ll have new crosstown routes, so people won’t have to go downtown to transfer. We’ll have increased service hours, shorter wait times and more rapid bus lines to get everyone where they need to be faster.

We need a better system for people to get to work, to school, to church and to the hospital. Our city is currently failing them by not providing them with the reliable and affordable service they deserve. There are too many in our community who don’t have jobs and access to opportunities because they don’t have a public transportation system that allows them to be truly mobile and independent.

We can fix that by voting for this transit plan. We can give those in poverty free public transportation by voting for this transit plan. We can give seniors and students reduced fares by voting for this transit plan.

We can create a better Nashville by voting for this transit plan.

We aren’t naïve about other pressing issues for our community, notably affordable housing; but we can’t begin to solve other problems without addressing this one first. To create a truly equitable city for everyone, we need affordable transportation.

That’s why Faith Leaders United is hosting a Faith Day at the Polls on Saturday, April 21, from 11 a.m.–2 p.m. at the Bordeaux Library, located at 4000 Clarksville Pike.

We encourage you to come out, bring the family, enjoy the fish fry, and cast your vote FOR transit. Make sure to bring your ID!

The time to act is now. If we don’t, our traffic will get worse, our unemployment rate will go up, and all the other serious problems faced in our community will be exacerbated.

If we do nothing, our most vulnerable people will continue to suffer the worst. I find that unacceptable.

Let’s do the right thing as a city and a community. Let’s come together and vote for a plan that will help those who need it most.