Facebook comes to Nashville to teach digital community building

Facebook’s held a community event at Mt. Zion on Sunday, April 15.

Every day people use Facebook to connect with each other and build communities. There are over 1.5 million nonprofits using Facebook pages to expand their communities and connect with supporters, volunteers, and members alike. Facebook is investing in, and listening to, community leaders who bring people together online and in person. With a ministry of over 30,000, Mt. Zion Baptist Church has partnered with Facebook to build a digital church—a community without walls. This digital initiative was launched April 15.

The goal of the partnership between Facebook and Mt. Zion is to build a virtual ministry that will connect the congregation with their spiritual leaders and the outside community. Leaders from Facebook’s faith-based partnerships have been working with influential pastors like Mt. Zion’s Bishop Joseph Walker around the globe with one goal in mind: “to bring the world together.”

The planning for this digital launch began in January when representatives from Facebook sat down with Bishop Walker to discuss how they could connect and expand his ministry. Despite having over 30,000 people in its congregation, virtual followers and eight universities bused in every Sunday for worship, Mt. Zion plans to continue building its community.

This digital church puts Mt. Zion on the cutting-edge side of social media because its religious leaders will now be able to perform a ‘digital discipleship’ that will include Facebook Live episodes, question and answer sessions, and ongoing interactions with the community.