Enough is enough — gun control now

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Once again, we have encountered another onslaught of mass carnage upon innocent civilians by a perpetrator bearing an assault weapon. It is apparent that these heinous and indescribable acts of cowardice and overt racism don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. With all the public attention given to the issue, our legislators are hesitant and reluctant to enact legislation to deter and decimate the number of people being killed or injured during these sporadic episodes.

With all the rallies and protests occurring nationally, you still have legislators literally defending the National Rifle Association (NRA) in their attempts to continue profiting from gun sales. Let’s stop playing games and insulting the public with the conjecture that the Constitution’s Second Amendment to bare arms is in jeopardy or may be in the process of being eliminated. We all know that is a bunch of rhetoric.

You are not going to find many people who are against the right of civilians to bear arms to protect themselves and their families from harm’s way, but common sense dictates that there should be a limit to the type of weapons available to the public. Assault weapons have been a contributing factor in the tragic mass killings of innocent people. We all know that these are military weapons that are meant for the battlefield and should not be utilized in the streets of our country by civilians.

If the Second Amendment entitles us to the right to bear arms, why can’t citizens legally buy tanks, bombs, missiles, or missile launchers, etc.? The point to be made is that there are certain weapons prohibited to the public for our own safety, knowing they can be used to wreak devastating death and destruction upon the masses by unscrupulous and unstable individuals. This being the case, what prevents assault weapons from being banned to civilians with their potential to bring about numerous deaths and injuries in such a short period of time? We know that people will continue to use guns to kill and assault people, but regular guns limit the amount of people that can be killed or injured during a shooting spree.

It is a sad time in the history of this country when you have people claiming to adhere to strong morals and high spiritual values literally putting money and greed above the lives of our children. This display of hypocrisy is only highlighted by our tolerance in not holding our elected officials accountable in acting expeditiously in enacting gun control laws—especially the banning of assault weapons.

It shouldn’t be debatable, but we all know forces are at hand abetting the NRA to do whatever is necessary to financially maintain or expand gun manufacturers’ coffers. Where is the justice for those killed and injured in these mass killings by attackers armed with assault weapons? I can only hope and pray that those who are refusing to act or demand immediate gun control laws don’t have their loved ones become victims.

In the recent mass shooting at the Waffle House in Nashville, my nephew, Taurean Sanderlin, was one of the victims brutally gunned down.

He was a good and loving person whose life was snuffed out prematurely in the dawn of his youth. While the family is very appreciative of the numerous prayers and acts of kindness by the community, there is more you can do to help make sure Taurean and the others killed or injured in the numerous mass shootings nationwide find justice. We must make sure those untimely murdered did not die in vain.

Demand your elected officials support gun control laws. Don’t allow them to waver or sit on the fence. If they do, work tirelessly to vote them out of office. But be honest and mindful that if we don’t make banning assault weapons our number one priority, we’re only masking the biggest problem.

Let’s honor those killed and injured in mass killings by doing what we all know is right. They deserve retribution. We deserve to live in a safer country. Our children are demanding we act.