Nashville General Hospital: 128 years as the heart of our healthcare community

Last updated on April 27th, 2018 at 03:47 pm

Dr. Joseph Webb is the Chief Executive Officer of Nashville General Hospital. He is a healthcare leader with 25 years in managing for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare organizations.

Nashville’s long been known for its vibrant music culture and as a dynamic hub for the nation’s healthcare industry. But well before Nashville was called Music City or became the healthcare capital of the United States, Nashville General Hospital was founded in 1890 with one doctor and a half-dozen nurses. For each of our 128 years, we have sustained a commitment to caring for the least among us, and we have no intention of abandoning that core mission. As we celebrate our 128th anniversary, we envision new ways to live into that mission:

1. Enhance the Patient Centered Medical Home model of care.
Our PCMH, recognized at the highest level by the National Committee for Quality Assurance, ensures a primary care physician is coordinating with the patient, the patient’s larger care network, the family and community resources for optimal health outcomes.

2. Continue our work as a proving ground for best practices in chronic disease management.
Underserved communities suffer disproportionately from chronic diseases. Our experience and expertise in the holistic care of chronic disease patients cannot be duplicated by any other area hospital. This experience, together with our PCMH model, enables us to more effectively impact healthcare outcomes for chronic disease patients, and will ultimately inform best practices throughout our city and state.

3. Re-affirm our commitment to fiscal responsibility.
Nashville General has always pursued the best results with the fewest resources. Today we renew our focus on being sound financial stewards of those resources. We are a progressive and fiscally responsible hospital, focused on bettering the health and welfare of a progressive and fiscally responsible city. We are grateful to Mayor Briley and to the City Council for working with us to sufficiently fund our hospital.

4. Sustain community support.
Nashvillians believe that a hospital that cares for the least among us is vital to the health of the entire city. They have trusted us with their care for more than a century, and count on us to keep them healthy for centuries more. We don’t take this for granted. Nashville General will work very hard to ensure the community maintains its trust and support in our institution.

5. Making it a great place to work.
Competition for clinicians and support staff is fierce in Nashville. That’s why we take care of our employees and treat them like family. Those who want to better people’s health, lives and communities will find their passion equaled by our own, and their ambitions supported by our expertise and research.

Nashville General betters the overall health of the city with every patient we care for. A truly great city takes care of its own-regardless of their ability to pay. For generations, we have taken care of Nashvillians who otherwise might have fallen through the cracks of our healthcare system. They continue to count on us, and we are counting on the entire city to help us keep faith in them.

Nashville General Hospital is here to stay. I invite you to join us in celebrating 128 years of serving as Nashville’s community hospital.