Cheryl’s List group presents Ashley Cleveland for fundraising concert

Cheryl’s List truck (photo: Cheryl’s List)

Cheryl’s List is an amazing nonprofit 501(c)3 organization whose fitting motto is ‘Help turn an empty room into a home. Make a donation, make a difference.’ However it goes far beyond mere words. Volunteers man the organization. In addition to the private contributions and donations, on occasion they accept assistance from other agencies to make everything work.

On May 17, Cheryl’s List is proud to have Ashley Cleveland join them for their B’Ski Bash. Admission is tax deductible, and $50 gets the ticket holder a VIP seat at this private house concert. Ashley Cleveland is an amazing singer, songwriter, Grammy and Dove award winner, and a beautiful person inside and out.

The fundraiser will allow even more families to receive the much needed and well-deserved assistance that Cheryl’s List can provide. But not without the help of donations, supporters and hopefully concert ticket holders who come aboard.

Cheryl’s List clients are referred by caseworkers and are either homeless or recently homeless. This includes both families and individuals in need of the organization’s help. Every step of the way respect and dignity is practiced from Cheryl’s List representatives.

“Being homeless and in need is not a fun position to be in, let alone being made to feel bad or ‘less than’ others,” said one client. “From the time we contacted them after our case manager referred us, to the day of delivery—it was a pleasant and life changing experience.

“So please jump in and help wherever possible and the sooner the better. Many families are waiting and can use the help.”

Don’t forget the Ashley Cleveland concert, which is another chance to enjoy quality entertainment while providing a better quality of life for those who really need it. Can’t make the concert? Sponsor a ticket for someone less fortunate to attend.

For additional information, concert and general updates check out the website and ‘like’ the Facebook page to stay updated.