British Airways flights come to Nashville International Airport

British Airways offering flights from London, England to Nashville.

The Nashville International Airport (BNA) celebrated its first international flights from London, England to Nashville on a British Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which arrived on May 4.

As the passengers prepared to get off the British Air Flight, family and friends were excited to see their loved ones arrive safely in Nashville, Tennessee for the first time. Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam; Nashville Mayor David Briley; British Airways Vice President of Commercial North America Central Sales Nicolas Krohne; President/CEO of the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Doug Kreulen; and Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp Butch Spyridon, along with many of Nashville’s congressional leaders were all in attendance for the exciting ribbon cutting ceremony welcoming our new visitors from London, England to the Nashville community. The inaugural ceremony included live music and performances from the ‘Fisk Jubilee Singers.’ The celebration included refreshments, with a ceremonial cake welcoming our new British Airways passengers. Each of the passengers received a welcome package filled with memorable gifts.

Gov. Haslam spoke at the inaugural ceremony and discussed the heritage of Nashville and the future of its economic growth.

“Nashville has a bright future ahead and we are looking forward to bringing more direct international flights to the city of Nashville,” said Haslam. President/ CEO of the Metro Nashville Airport Doug Kreulen spoke on the newly opened airport interim for Nashville International flights and the future of Nashville developing more expansions to the airport. Kreulen expressed his excitement by saying: “The city of Nashville will continue to build more international tourism and business opportunities”.
British Airways Vice President Nicolas Krohne discussed British Airways serving passengers in London, England.

“British Airways flights will also help facilitate business connections from London to Nashville,” said Krohne.

It is estimated that 560 business owners from the international market operate within the state of Tennessee employing over 75,000 Tennesseans.

“Business owners and families can travel and fly into London, England in under nine hours” said Krohne. “Many of our business owners and families are excited to come over to Nashville and experience the southern culture. The nonstop flight from London’s Heathrow Airport was exciting for the passengers. They enjoyed plenty of food and amenities, while business owners enjoyed the luxury 35 full flat beds. The Boeing 787 allowed passengers to enjoy large windows, with air filtration that reduced passengers feeling jet lagged.

Haslam and his wife were excited to board the British Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner going outbound to London. British dignitaries will greet them once they arrive at the British Airport.

British born Nashville resident Tisha Walker-Cunningham has been pushing for Nashville to bring more flights to London, England for almost 30 years.

“I am excited to finally see this dream come true,” said Mrs. Walker Cunningham who flew in on the first flight to Nashville. She is planning to fly back over the weekend to London, England and return May 15.

“Nashville is growing and preparing for the future to service more carriers and international flights,” said Kreulen.