‘Geraldine’s Corner’ opens in All Things Possible
Corner remembers Geraldine Heath

Geraldine D. Heath

Geraldine’s Corner is a special section now open for shopping inside All Things Possible, 3916 Clarksville Pike. Geraldine’s Corner is an extension from Tea Cups & Jewels, a Collector’s Shop formerly located on Hydes Ferry Pike.

Geraldine Heath, former long-time ‘managing editor’ of the Nashville PRIDE newspaper, retired in 2015. Upon her retirement, she reopened a gift shop under the name of Tea Cups & Jewels, a Collector’s Shop.

Her shop was filled with all types of unique items. After her recent passing, the family wanted to share some of her items with the community in the way that she had previously talked about doing. Geraldine shared her creativity in several ways, always with an effort to include as many people and businesses as she could incorporate. Therefore, a collaborative effort has been made to work with an entity of Youth About Business to incorporate her shop’s items in one of their thrift stores, All Things Possible.

Geraldine had a love for collectibles that went far beyond her personal collecting. Her love for the community and how to make things come together was quite phenomenal.

She did the same thing with specialty gifts when someone wanted a special touch on a personal gift. It was only to know a few things about a person that sent her into full shopping gear to create something extraordinarily special in the form of a uniquely crafted gift with unexpected layers of surprises as one unwrapped their beautiful package.

Geraldine’s Corner is representative of the many items that were available in Tea Cups & Jewels that she would use in gift baskets making them special, along with items that were collected over the years from consignment and from novelty items handed down from her mother’s collections (Lorene’s Collectibles).

“We want to honor her memory in a way that was as clever as she was in supporting her community and the people and businesses around it,” said Sam Kirk, founder of Youth About Business. She had an uncommon way of thinking and doing things that was always supportive of others.

“We want to honor her genuine spirit by sharing her shop items with the public through All Things Possible,” Kirk said.

All Things Possible is a consignment store located at 3916 Clarksville Pike. There is also a location in Murfreesboro, Tenn. Both stores are a part of Youth About Business (YAB) founded as a project of Creating an Environment of Success, a Tennessee based 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit corporation in 1992. After 17 years in the corporate sector, program founder Sam Kirk decided to change careers in order to create one of the most innovative leadership training programs to help expose young people to options in business and industry.

YAB currently operates in Tennessee, New York, Illinois, Georgia and Texas, and will soon expand into the Western and Mid-Atlantic regions. Since the founding of Youth About Business, more than 7,000 students have participated in one or more of its educational components.

“As Geraldine’s Corner is a new commemorative part of our stores, set up in memory of a dedicated community leader,” said Kirk, “we offer the same invitation as Geraldine would by saying, ‘Come by. Shop. Tell your friends. Visit often. You never know what treasures you will find.’”

All Things Possible is located at 3916 Clarksville Pike. For further information, call 615-299-9226.