Minar Black owned company expands product line

The Black-owned and operated Minar Products, LLC Company recently announced the establishment of a partnership with making all-natural soaps and toothpaste available through yet another national online retailer. The announcement comes just weeks after Minar secured a deal with Walgreens, continuing to increase Minar’s national presence and availability.

Since its establishment in 2001, Minar soap and toothpaste products had been popular mostly among small mom and pop stores and some mid-sized, health-oriented retailers, making the company only moderately successful. After buying out his partners in 2005, Stewart took the helm as sole owner of Minar and set off on a mission to position the company for the national brand recognition it is currently enjoying.

The company is feeling surging business growth between their in-store and Internet product sales. They have made a formal announcement to the public increasing awareness of the Minar Company and what they offer. In addition to expanding the product line, they strive to keep each product updated with the quality and service each consumer deserves.

Immediate and future wave and social trends welcome all natural products, so Minar toothpastes and soaps fit well into the proverbial mold.

“The Peapod partnership will be vital to our overall growth in the next year, and we look forward to expanding our brand to consumers across the country,” said Henry Stewart, president of Minar.

Founded in 1989 by brothers Andrew and Thomas Parkinson, Peapod has grown to be one of America’s leading Internet grocers. Peapod is a wholly owned subsidiary of international food provider Royal Ahold, and works in partnership with Ahold USA supermarket companies including Stop & Shop and Giant Foods Company.