Love triumphs for the world to see

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

An estimated two billion people worldwide watched in astonishment and awe at what may be one of the most dazzling and breathtaking weddings ever viewed. I am referring to the wedding nuptials of British Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 19. I don’t know if I was watching out of curiosity (as a person of color seeing a woman of color marrying European royalty), or if I just got caught up in the Prince Harry and Megan mania. However, I watched in the early morning hours and was not disappointed. The whole event was a glorious defining moment in history.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

All the pre- events leading up to the wedding were exciting and intriguing. The wedding itself was a magical revelation in which you could literally see love manifested in the air. It was elegant and magnificent but yet simple and relatable. We, as watchers, knew we would be caught up in the pageantry and traditional pomp and circumstances typical of royal European weddings, especially noted in the British royal hierarchy, but were surprisingly treated with a warmth and sentimental ambiance synonymous with everything representative of true unadulterated love—devoid of pretense and haughty arrogance.

The wedding was a collaboration of what Megan and Harry wanted, compromising with the traditional rituals and demands wanted and expected by the Queen. There was a visible multicultural presence exuding diversity. This was evident with an African American Bishop delivering the sermon, an African American gospel choir and a young African American cellist’s musical renditions. There were numerous parts of the multicultural ceremony that riveted our emotions.

The ceremony was a spectacular exhibition of British traditional rituals and African American culture uniting and manifesting the sentiments the wedding couple wanted conveyed to those watching their special day. The wedding (whether it was meant or destined) offered itself as a stage for the world to promote global love, peace and goodwill especially as delivered in the sermon. Cultural diversity was showcased, culminating in a tapestry to be enjoyed by all. Only love and goodwill could be generated from this wedding—unless you didn’t possess a heart.

The spiritual gospel rendition of ‘Stand by Me’ by the Black members making up The Kingdom Choir was moving, meaningful, and appropriate. The song represented the love and devotion the couple felt to support each other, good or bad, against the world.

The African American Archbishop of the Episcopalian Church of the United States, Bishop Michael Curry, heralded a passionate, eloquent sermon on love that resonated to all people and countries in the world, expounding of the need to manifest love and truly engage in making this the world that it should be.

The young Black cellist, Sheku Kenneth-Mason, was magnificent. The cellist played with the expertise of a master, massaging our emotions with the beauty of his melodious renditions. It was purely magical and captivating. If only such exquisite music might be bottled and used whenever needed to fight sadness and unhappiness.

Meghan was the quintessential bride, donning a wedding dress that was without a doubt a paragon of pure elegance, radiance, and simplicity. It made her look more angelic than human, as evidenced when Prince Harry appeared spellbound and unable to take his eyes off his beautiful bride. The love that emanated from the pair to each other was unmistakably magic. Married couples watching could only mentally remember their wedding vows through the couple. Those thinking about marriage wished that their love were comparable to what they were seeing.

The whole world was treated to a real love story come true for two beautiful loving people. The wedding was a cool drink of water in what often seems to be a world sometimes compared to a cesspool. The world needs more beautiful days that bring us closer together. Thank you Prince Harry and Meghan for sharing your special day and reminding the world that love is the answer.