Scott Davis, candidate for District 54, takes matters into his own hands

Scott Davis, District Councilman and candidate for State House of Representatives for District 54 cuts up a downed light pole from a Bordeaux area shopping center. The pole had been down for over 6 months with glass and exposed wires causing a safety hazard. After getting nowhere with getting the owner of the property to remove the hazard, Davis decided to take matters into his own hands.

Following a press conference about seeking investment in the Bordeaux community, Councilman Scott Davis gathered Invest in Bordeaux community members, District 1 candidates, and developer Tom Keesee to help him with a community project.

Minutes after Davis pledged to help the community “by any means possible,” he put those words into action by orchestrating the removal of a downed light post hazard from the very parking lot in which the press conference was held.

The lamppost had been down for over six months, with exposed electrical wires and broken glass strewn across the lot.

“During a Bordeaux chamber forum, it was bought up by a group of candidates that it had been down for over six months,” Davis said. “They said it was indicative of problems within the community, and there was nothing that could be done about it because the owner of the property refused to do anything.”

Davis said he contacted codes and public works to try and get it removed. Unsuccessful, he then decided to take care of it himself.

“I just kinda’ said ‘Man that’s nonsense!’” said Davis. “Anytime there is an obstruction in a public place like that with wires exposed and a pole down, it’s a danger and a health hazard to children and the community. We have a right to move it.”

He said he called a local developer, Tom Keesee, with roots in the area. With the help of Jonathan Hall and Councilman DeCosta Hastings, it was decided to remove it.

People from around the community came to witness and take part in the removal of the fallen lamp downed lamppost.

According to DeCosta Hastings, District 2 Councilman who assisted Davis with the project: “That is a very dangerous piece of pole that is down. There are seniors who have to come to go to the Dollar store here that have hurt themselves.”

For him, the removal of the post is extremely important.

“I was elected to make sure that we have a safe place for all of our constituents to call home and to be able to live and work and play as well,” said Hastings. “This owner has decided not to play a part in helping us clean up our community.”

For Councilman Scott Davis, the removal of the pole is a symbol of change within the community that he hopes to represent.

“The community has come together to do something about a problem in the community,” he said. “Something went wrong and we’ve brought the community together to do something about it.”