Healthcare evangelist, Benita S. Nichols, signs deal with U.S. Healthcare Advisors

Benita Savage Nichols

According to Benita S. Nichols, a self-proclaimed ‘healthcare evangelist,’ her mission in life is to heal, build and restore top leaders. She is no stranger to the word of God and got her start early in life.

A ‘p.k’ (preacher kid), ministry leader, and former-wife of gospel-jazz musician, Ben Tankard, she remains versatile and committed to educating her clients and then pointing them toward the right coverage for their situation in her capacity as a licensed agent. Ms. Nichols is able to shop all health care coverage plans, which are offered in her client’s state.

She takes pride in customizing each plan tailored to fits that individual’s needs, lifestyle, and budget.

“I’ve seen up close and personal pastors, other spiritual leaders, business owners’ and entrepreneurs’ personal struggles in their health and finances,” said Ms. Nichols, “and I feel blessed to be in a position to guide them with remarkable solutions for the greater good.

“This new appointment with U.S. Health Advisors has provided me the opportunity to strategically implement my plan to financially, spiritually and emotionally empower our community leaders and laity alike. This includes prayer, teaching and providing access to healthcare and financial services.”

Nichols’ work covers a wide spectrum in Nashville’s profit and non-profit sectors, including the gospel music industry; American Baptist College, under the mentorship of former-president and civil rights leader, Dr. Bernard Lafayette; TSU; the Nashville Public School system; and for insurance providers. All have prepared her for the job ahead. She is armed with a noted realm of formal education, including company training; a degree in marketing from Florida State University; a master’s in communications from the University of West Florida; and a diploma from Watkins College of Film.

“I have the heart, relationships, life experiences and training to reach and advise fellow citizens from various walks of life,” said Nichols.

When asked about healthcare options, Nichols notes that there are some new plans available that may qualify individuals for even better coverage and lower premiums.

“I am here and equipped to guide clients in Tennessee through the insurance process,” said Nichols.

With her years of real-life experiences, a bevy of hard work and training under her belt, she has already been recognized for her staunch dedication and hard work in the company.