Mission 615 Adult’s takes ministry to a new level

A day under the bridge with Mission 615 Adult’s Ministry. (photo by D. Culp)

A recent steamy hot Saturday didn’t discourage the crowd that gathered under the Jefferson Street Bridge (2nd St.) in Nashville. Mission 615 Adult’s Ministries hosted a free ‘fish fry’ complete with cold slaw and a clothing give away. Future Saturday dates include July 14 — fire grilled cheeseburgers; and August 11 — smoked ribs with mac and cheese.

But it isn’t all about the food. It is the core ministries that take center stage, providing some much-needed resources for whoever needs them or cares to pass the information on.

The 615 Adult’s motto and goal state: “Our goal for 2018 is to have next steps available for you, including recovery programs, children’s homes, job placement information and other resources.”

Mission 615 is a Christian non-profit organization launched in 2009. The love of Jesus Christ is what motivates them to make a difference in the lives of people who suffer from poverty and hopelessness found on the streets and in homes around Nashville.

Rev. Eric Anderson is the executive director of Mission 615. He is married to Mendy Anderson and has three children: Mercy, Jax, and Mallie. Eric was called into ministry 11 years ago on a mission trip to India. Since then, Eric has served on staff at FWO and Compassion Church from 2006 until now. Back in 2009, God called him to share the Gospel on the streets, thus starting Mission 615.

Rev. Eric is most passionate about sharing and spreading the Gospel with the poor and underprivileged.

Mission 615 is geared towards site visitation, strategic resourcing, and sharing hope with homeless adults and underprivileged kids in the city of Nashville. The weekly programs are set up to serve the people. Site visitation is a way to connect with the people they serve, so they can continue growing lasting relationships and usher them toward a relationship with God. During site visitation, Mission 615 visits the most crime filled neighborhoods to cultivate relationships with families that are involved with their programs.

Neighborhood leaders meet them one-on-one to see if they can meet their physical and spiritual needs each week.

“Mission 615 is heavily involved with strategically resourcing the homeless and families of inner-city Nashville. We provide necessities and equip them with the knowledge of Christ. We are constantly looking to partner with others to help supply living needs to every person involved with our organization,” said a volunteer.

The free meals, giveaways and bus rides are done every second Saturday and are open to anyone, regardless of their faith or background. The Jefferson St Bridge is located at 1122 2nd Avenue, Nashville. 615 Adult’s Ministry can be found at the Main Library at 10:45 am; the Room at the Inn at 11:10 am; and the Men’s Mission at 11:15 am.

The organization can be reached by calling (615) 712-0425 or their website at www.Mission615.org.