Good people doing nothing

William T. Robinson, Jr.

No doubt, we are all in agreement when we account for the dire state of this country, as well as the rest of the world, appears to be in. There are so much corruption and abuse by heads of states and governments that are supposed to be acting in the best interests of the masses of people they rule. Ironically, the masses, for the most part, acquiesce to their governing bodies’ appalling practices and laws against the people they are supposed to be helping.

People are undergoing unnecessary suffering, and dying at the hands of tyrannical self-serving dictators and flagrantly corrupt governments. This happens when the masses are literally accepting status quo or are inundated with feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. How can a handful of ruthless, self-appointed or elected governing leaders hold the world hostage when the masses feel unpowered to effectuate their own outcome? How have a handful of maniacal, self-serving entities masquerading as components of change, brainwashed and misled nations of people? They are actually only adhering to their own self-serving quest for power and control often fueled by greed.

They have relegated the people they are leading to a bunch of credulous, vacuous beings lacking the fortitude and intellect to overcome their leaders’ self-appointed mission for complete control and dominance.

Now let’s be aware that this is not a new practice. It has existed since the beginning of time. People in power have always sought to preserve and expand their political, economic and social base by alienating and separating people and groups whom they feel may be a threat to their continuance and ability to exploit. Make no mistake, there has always been the ‘haves and the have-nots,’ and the haves has planned extensively to position themselves to stay and remain in their esoteric positions. They have used cultural differences, religion, deception, propaganda, and military might as divisive tools to continue their reign of deception.

Ironically, if you truly look at the success of oppressive regimes and governments’ repressive endeavors, it has been with the unconscious support of the very people they are deceiving and oppressing.

Many people have bought into the argument that their government has their best interests at heart. They think they are being helped when all too often nothing could be further from the truth.

Control by a clandestine, elitist group has dominated world events whether they be wars, global financial concerns, or talks of peace. Harbingers of the truth are quickly vilified, quieted, or eradicated so deceptive scams of scandalous governments can continue.

Revelations that one’s country is less than or better when compared to other countries is often used as topics precipitating unmitigated propaganda and lies. Repressive regimes are masters at using propaganda to fuel their clandestine agendas to meet their objectives. Controlling powers are adept manipulators at initiating smoking mirrors (distractions) to keep the public from acknowledging and correcting the night-mares occurring around them. Unknowing and contrary to what many may believe, many of these oppressive regimes and governments are secretly supportive and complicit with each other in their tactics to deceive the masses.

Power, control, and money don’t willingly concede to righteousness and truth. It’s going to take an uprising of the majority of spiritually motivated and righteous people to unite and not only acknowledge the problem of nefarious leaders, but also to fight to bring about a change—even if it involves uprooting leaders and governments along with their unethical and ruthless practices. While most people feel that prayer will suffice, they must incorporate action with prayer to be effective. Good people must get off their knees and be their own vessels to bring about peace and happiness to the world.

The oppressors and abusers of the world are betting they have people so convoluted with delusions, they will be unable to see through all the rhetoric to empower themselves to change the scenario of the world for the better. Good people must arise and stop being unknowing or abetting tools for their own abuse and suffering.

Humanitarian efforts of the masses have always been the motivating observance, bringing light to the goodness in the world.