Jonathan Hall wants your vote for Dist. 1

Jonathan Hall participating in Community Cleanup day just prior to breaking his leg.

Jonathan Hall, a candidate for District 1 Council, has displayed no let up in this runoff taking place.

After a decisive victory on election night back on May 24, Hall finds himself in a runoff race with Judy Cumming because he did not reach the 50% vote total mark. Hall finished with a double-digit lead and clear mandate from District 1 residents.

Jonathan Hall was successful in drawing a clear contrast between him and opponent, Dr. Judy Cummings by having a long-standing and impressive record of working for and inside the district. This runoff clearly comes down to each candidate’s ability to get out their base and turn out the most voters.

“I haven’t slowed down or taken a break. I was doing this long before any campaign and I will be doing this job and serving in whatever capacity possible no matter what,” said Hall.

Proof of that statement occurred this past weekend. Hall, as District 1 Beautification Commissioner, organized a community cleanup with residents and volunteers through WVOL’s Black Family Talks program. It was a very productive day cutting grass for seniors, clearing vacant lots and cutting ditches. At one point, Hall slipped in and broke his leg!

Jonathan Hall

He continues undeterred to the end and is still out campaigning in an air cast and boot.

Hall is the son of the beloved Channel 4 weatherman, Bill Hall, who passed away in 2011.

He is a dedicated father and community member and sits on multiple boards throughout the district, including Homeowner Association (president); District 1 Leadership Council (creator and former chair); and District 1 Beautification (commissioner).

Even with his busy schedule, Jonathan still finds time to volunteer in each school in the district. Jonathan, whose family have been homeowners in Bordeaux for over three generations, believes in smart development for North Nashville, e.g., putting growth in areas where it is needed and maintaining the areas that it is not.

“We have the largest district in the city,” he said. “We out-vote everyone in this city. We have undeveloped land. We have Interstate access points. We have a desire to grow smart.”

Early voting for District 1 is currently underway, and Election Day is June 28.