Scott Davis brings jobs and the gift of flight to North Nashville

Scott Davis

Candidate for House District 54, Scott Davis, has brought a second large-scale economic development to North Nashville.

iFly, an Austin, Texas-based indoor skydiving company, will set up its facility at the corner of Spring Street and Cowan Street, near Topgolf. Indoor skydiving is the simulation of true freefall conditions in a vertical wind tunnel.

iFly is expected to bring 105 to 200 jobs to the area, with a commitment to hire from the North Nashville community.

“I stressed, and the company agrees, that what we need to make sure to do is provide good paying jobs to our African American youth in the area,” said Scott.

Scott is currently the City Councilman for District 5, which encompasses part of the State House District 54 that he is running for. He has been a catalyst for ‘good’ development in his district with a stress on creating an opportunity for African American residents.

Donald Day

The land that iFly will be located on is owned by Bordeaux resident Donald Day. Day is the son-in-law of TSU legend and beloved community icon Bernice Walker Brunson, who passed away earlier this year at the age of 102.

“This would not have been possible without the help of Councilman Scott Davis,” said Day.

Scott was able to help Day with zoning and planning issues that were critical to bringing the company to the area.

Davis is not just bringing good development to North Nashville, but wealth for individuals like Day.
“I’m making those who live in North Nashville not only make money on development but also that they are in control.”

iFly is the second major employer that Scott has brought to the area. Councilman Davis previously brought Top-golf to the area, which employs over 500 people, most of whom are from the North Nashville area.
Scott is currently running for House District 54, which covers most of North Nashville.
As councilman for the 5th district, Scott has been a champion of urban redevelopment and increased density in East Nashville.

He’s helped redevelop over 125 parcels, adding over 500 units of affordable housing, and increasing the average property value of his district by over 60%.