Hope Center Ministries takes hope to the streets

Hope Center Ministries is spreading hope and the word. (photo by D. Culp)

Hope Center Ministries, a Christian based, non-profit 501©3 ministry that serves the homeless, underserved and general population without judgment or bias. One eye-catching caption states: “Restoring lives, restoring families and restoring communities.”

The organization’s founder/president was blessed to bring a remarkable vision to life, due in part to some personal life experience. For over 10 years, Josh Hannah has been the leader of a growing organization that is grounded in compassion and bringing hope to those that feel they no longer have any. Coming from a history of drug abuse and addiction, he sought to create a ministry that would help those who have similar struggles. In 2007, the first Hope Center opened and started accepting residents. Since then they’ve grown even stronger and have been elevated to become an international ministry.

This currently includes both the United States and the United Kingdom locations. The U.S. locations include Waverly, Tenn., Portland, Tenn., Whitehouse, Tenn., Dixon, Tenn., Jackson, Tenn., McEwen, Tenn., Memphis, Tenn., Wichita, Texas, and Axton, Va.

It is no secret that many great things, programs, and ministries can be found and take place under the Nashville Jefferson Street Bridge. HCM joined the ranks of this positive ‘street cred,’ and the scorching heat did not put a damper on the free fish fry and clothing give away one recent Saturday.

Admissions Director Bill Flores shared warm smiles and heartfelt prayer with those in attendance. His concern and spirit were real, and that alone shined through as he mixed in with the many individuals (and even a dog or two). Throughout the program, the man of God shared uncut hope through his messages.

“Whether you are homeless, jobless, suffering from physical or mental challenges we want each of you to know that you are loved,” Flores said. “Jesus loves us all unconditionally.”

The three to four course fresh fish dinner was plentiful enough for ‘seconds.’

The clothing was gently used or new. Thankfully, the hot summer day was not without cold drinks and plenty of cold bottles of water—all donated.

To learn more about HCM, where to send donations, to volunteer, or to enter their full-service recovery program, call: 615-924-3087.

They have a social media presence and website at www.hopecm.com.