Spiraling death of morality

William T. Robinson, Jr.

We live in a country said to be built on Christian principles. Whether Christian or not, one has to believe with diverse groups practicing different religions in this country that there is one common belief or practice that we all share—the inherent belief in the dignity within all human beings. All major religions basically adhere to this belief, whether they personally practice it or chose to ignore it.

The fundamental core of most universal religions adheres to the observance of an omnipotent and omniscient God. They encourage their followers to love and help their fellow brothers and sisters. While practices, rituals, and rites differ, the message is one of living a morally upright life.

They all honor the Supreme Being, by adhering to the teachings or laws presented by selected messengers inspired by the Supreme One. These divine laws provide followers with universal governance and the possibility of eternal salvation.

Most would agree that we all reside under divine laws mandated by a Higher Power dictating our morals and values as to how we live and treat each other. Adherence to these laws and precepts are necessary for us to cohabitate in peace, generating love and compassion for our fellow man. Faithful followers are inundated with blessings and unconditional love from their divine benevolent benefactor.

But there are those who alter and manipulate the spiritual and divine precepts of their religion for their own selfish purposes. Unfortunately, these fanatics, devoid of spiritual and divine approval, wreak havoc among their fellow man in the name of religion. Groups generating hate and death to those who choose not to follow their agenda of intolerance are not being guided by divine validity.

There seems to be a faction within all the major religions that attempt to change the divine message and alter the laws to conform to their personal agendas. This practice is never so apparent as when we see some merely claiming to practice the Christian religion in this country. Claiming to be a Christian and practicing being a Christian are often two different things.

A majority of the citizens in this country claim they are Christians. They attend church regularly and read and adhere to the word of God, the Bible. So why do we have so many people adamantly choosing to look the other way, compromising their morals and biblical teaching to support the ills of a world that all too often seems to be spiraling out of control? Where is the love and respect for justice and the empathy and compassion for our fellow brethren?

Too many times we see many blatantly contradicting themselves, promoting their Christian values while physically and mentally acting against civil rights and humanity. This is the case of those

who support our president who, when all is said and done, manifests the morals of a snake. Just look at his record. The things he has said and done devalue the humanity of others. But there are those who continue to support him, refusing to acknowledge any of his shortcomings. As a result, he is able to continue his reign of intimidation through dividing and conquering. Let’s not deceive ourselves. You cannot sleep with the devil, using the Bible as a pillow.

Rationalize if you must, but immorality can’t be a willing companion to virtue and truth. We do not live in a world where you can stab people in the back, and they can’t see the blood or feel the pain.

If getting what you want by any means necessary, devoid of empathy and compassion for others, is paramount to you then you lack morals. We should hope that those who are truly spiritual, e.g., practicing Christians, could resurrect morality.

Morality is a virtue not just practiced by spiritual or religious people—but by just plain old good people.