Jonathan Hall wins District 1 special election runoff

Newly elected District 1 Councilman, Jonathan Hall, addresses supporters at his campaign party.

Jonathan Hall is the new councilman for Nashville District 1. In a contentious race, Hall defeated his opponent, Dr. Judy Cummings who is the Senior Pastor of New Covenant Christian Church, gaining 58% of the vote.

The election was a runoff from the May 24 election. Though Hall received the most votes, he was unable to secure more than the 50% required to prevent the runoff.

Hall attributed his victory to the hard work of his volunteers and the people of District 1 “…this is door to door, house to house, church to church, and school to school grassroots,” said Hall.

“This is what happens when people communicate and work together. There’s nothing we can’t get done!”

Hall and his family have been fixtures in District 1 for generations. He is the son of the late Channel 4 weatherman, Bill Hall, who passed away in 2011. Hall created the District One Leadership Council, he is the architect of the Jackson law that prevents any more landfills in the area, and he has worked to secure funding for the Bordeaux Hospital and Knowles Assisted Living. Hall is also the HOA president and Bordeaux beautification commissioner.

The North Nashville Council seat became available earlier when it was vacated by Nick Leonardo after he was appointed General Sessions judge by the Metro Council.

Hall has called for greater parity for North Nashville, “District 1 has the greatest amount of undeveloped land in the city, and yet it receives the fewest amounts of resources,” said Hall.

“We absolutely deserve better, and we have a plan. Our goal as a District is that we need parity. We need the same, not more, not less; just do for us that you’ve done for everybody else already.”

Hall promises to hit the ground running day one. In fact, at his victory party, he was soliciting volunteers for a neighborhood cleanup.

“If anybody wants to volunteer, I’ll be right back out at it tomorrow morning. I’ve got a cleanup in Scottsboro, and we’ll also be doing some landscaping.”