Flappers and Pearls organization enhancing and supporting lives

Flappers & Pearls empowers the community one woman at a time.

The Flappers & Pearls Women’s Club was founded during the summer of 2015 by President/founder Latoya (Toya) Brevard. The key purpose of the not-for-profit women’s support group is to prepare, educate, and master the propitious woman.

“In doing so, our women can give back to our communities in various ways, while uplifting each other,” said Brevard.

Who is a Flappers & Pearl girl? (rhetorically speaking)? Any interested woman age 18 and up, regardless of race, religion, academic, social belief or economic status is encouraged to learn more about the group and perhaps, ultimately join.

Once the group information was originally announced, inquiries received a hearty flow of responses—which is still coming into this day. The group has slowly built up a strong membership structure that is growing and strengthening under Brevard’s staunch leadership.

Women with or without children, married, divorced, widowed, in or not in a committed relationship have always added to the tapestry of Flappers & Pearls membership roster. It is believed these actualities contribute to the success of the overall group.

Brevard further elaborated by sharing some key information on what a new member can expect.

“As the proud leader of this productive group, I openly extend memberships to interested women seeking genuine support and positive life enhancement through our program,” she said. “Here at Flappers & Pearls, each member will experience the roaring ‘20s with a Victorian flare. In life, we may experience events that shape our lives, but we remain victorious in every facet of being a woman.

Flappers & Pearls offers our members various programs and activities to participate in. They include volunteering, couponing, weight loss programs, etiquette training, baking and flower arrangement classes, general education classes, gardening, knitting, Bridge, and fun Flapper Field trips.”

Flappers & Pearls has a Facebook page for updates. Become a part of the group via membership or as an outside supporter. There isn’t currently a timeline for new members.