Author Cathy Estes Davis launches book on second chances

Cathy Estes Davis

On this amazing journey, we call life there will always be twists and turns to deal with. Fortunately, there are second chances granted and most are privy to them. Author Cathy Estes Davis recently launched a book that depicts one woman’s road to a second chance.

The book; “Timeless Decisions – Two Bites Out of an Apple,” shares a synopsis of a story about a family that weather the storms presented to them and how they made it through.

“I was going through some personal challenges and was inspired by God to write this book in hopes that the story would help others and touch hearts and minds nationwide,” stated Author Davis.

“Timeless Decisions – Two Bites Out of an Apple,” main characters Ruby and Winston’s journey is shared throughout the pages. Their story may stick with readers; reflect some areas in their lives. Hopefully, their story of hope and progressive change will depict God’s goodness and mercy in their lives as well.

When Ruby was twenty-five years old, her life began to change. This change in her life would take her on a journey where she continued to confront herself for the problems she created and for her decision and action needed to correct them. Repeatedly, she would stumble, regain her posture and move forward doing what she thought was best for her and her family.

This change in her life began with her living in Ripley, Tennessee and being a single parent in the 1950’s. She was the mother of one child, a boy named, Winston. He was the joy of her life. Being a single mother and not making much money on her job, made it hard for her to provide a good life for them. She understood that if life were going to be better for the two of them, she would have to leave him to pursue her dream.

Author Davis said; “As you follow Ruby’s journey to New York and what she encountered, you would want her to quickly return home to Winston, her family, and friends. But, before she finally would return home, she would have to decide on a plan that would keep her family together.”

After returning Ruby returned from a New York trip, she would be confronted about the events that occurred there, and about how her decisions would affect the people who loved her. Even though she felt their disappointment, she was still convinced about carrying out and succeeding with her plans.

Ruby’s life continues to affect her family, and friends- through her broken promises, temptations, unforgettable, challenging relationships, job, and love and as a provider. Being pulled into her life and seeing why she made decisions to make things better from the situations that were created, you will understand why her family and friends loved and supported her dreams and actions unconditionally.

Interest parties may check out Author Cathy Estes Davis Facebook page for updates and contact Lowbar Publishing Company for copies.