Second Annual Mental Health Marketing Conference planning in full swing

Austin Harrison, Founder and Connector of People

This year’s annual Mental Health Marketing Conference is scheduled to take place in Nashville at Lipscomb University, July 26th and 27th.

The vision and purpose of the Mental Health Marketing Conference is to bring together marketing professionals from all specializations so that the national marketing community can leverage each individual’s insight for engaging mental and behavioral health audiences and directing them to treatment.

Mental Health and Addiction issues is something that affects everyone; directly or indirectly. Especially with the ever-growing Tennessee and nationwide expansion of Opioid Addiction. The latter is often a direct connection or fallout of mental health matters. Dormant or newly arisen, there is not a family that isn’t touched by these demons, which ultimately touches our society as a whole.

The goal is to bring the right people together in order to generate new ideas and practices within the space of Mental Health Marketing. Conference organizers hope that interested parties will read their blog, contribute ideas, and attend the 2018 mental health conference. Outside contributors and professionals, as well as industry leaders, are invited to assist in marketing new and innovative ways. All in order to direct more people to effectively seek treatment for mental health and addiction issues.

Continuing Education Units (CEU) are available in various areas and those seminars are facilitated by qualified professionals who are up to date on each category.

This year’s sponsors are; Lipscomb University, Journey Pure (Dual Diagnosis) Addiction Treatment community, Mental Health of America Middle Tennessee organization, Specialty Care, Binary Fountain, GLOO, Foundations Recovery Network, L&R and Centerstone.

Some workshops are already in place and others will may be added, but all are subject to schedule change.

Some workshops include; Ethical Marketing and Client Engagement for Behavioral Health Services, facilitated by Susanna Sung and Kalene Dehaut. Building a Healthier Online Reputation with Aaron Clifford, Five Ways to Stand Out in Google Listings and in Other Networks with Daxon Edwards. Brutally Honest Branding: Stop lying. Be real, with Christopher J. Foust. Engaging the Young Adult: Extending the Continuum to Support Outcomes, with Siobhan Morse, 6,732 Proven Tactics for Acquiring Patients Online: All of Which You Have To Do Now – or Else, with Joe Zboch.

Networking Mixer: All conference attendees are welcome for a time to network over snacks and non-alcoholic drinks, sponsored by Journey Pure.

How to Increase Patient Acquisition through Google, with Alex Membrillo

Changing the Conversation of Crisis: Expanding Your Reach to At-Risk Consumers, with Diana Kirby. Technology Enabled Care: Keeping Clients Connected, with Jennifer J. Armstrong & Amy McDaniel, Content Marketing: Learn how to engage your target market online, with Megan Johnson, and Mental Health Administration: Treatment Planning Your Practice, with Erica Kesse.

MHM Founder and Connector of People Austin Harrison stated that; “Mental Health and addiction treatment is one of the most challenging marketing fields out there. Professionals have to deal with HIPAA regulations, stigma and small budgets. The bright side of it is small incremental improvements can have an exponential effect on the number of people seeking treatment and thus saving lives.”

Conference organizers, speakers, facilitators and sponsors are working together to assure that involvement to those whose jobs specifically pertain to marketing for mental and behavioral health is well connected. Updates and confirmations are ongoing and can be found via the MHM website and social media pages.