Meet Brenda Gilmore, Candidate for State Senate

Brenda Gilmore

Brenda Gilmore has been serving the Nashville community for more than 2 decades. As a strong voice for Nashville in the Metro Council and as an experienced and progressive leader in the Tennessee General Assembly State House, Brenda Gilmore is one of Tennessee’s most trusted and dedicated leaders. Brenda continues to fight on the front lines to attract good paying jobs for working families, expand Medicare and access to healthcare and improve the quality of life for all who call Tennessee home. Brenda advocates for seniors and is committed to finding more solutions to youth violence.

Brenda Gilmore is seeking to expand her fight as one of Tennessee’s most trusted and proven leaders who is truly ‘For the People’ by being elected to the State Senate on Election Day August 2, 2018. Now more than ever we need leaders with a longstanding record of giving back, listening and responding to constituents’ concerns. Brenda has the experience and the passion to fight for us on day one.

“I go to work every day and listen to the concerns and frustrations of our citizens,” says Gilmore. “I have been blessed with the opportunity to actually respond and make a real difference. It would be my honor to continue giving back to this community as the State Senator for District 19. As State Senator, I want to create an opportunity for all residents in Davidson County, regardless of the neighborhood they call home. That opportunity starts with ensuring that everyone has access to training, education, and a real chance to get a good paying job. Until the poorest person in our city is able to have a good meal and a safe place to rest each night our job is not done. I will continue to work to improve the quality of life for all of Nashville. It will take all of us working together reaching out neighbor to neighbor and that is how we will build this campaign.”

Brenda Gilmore has a proven record of trusted leadership and always works for the people. Brenda believes that people deserve real second chances so she successfully sponsored “Ban the Box” to make sure people returning to the workforce after paying their debt to society had a real chance at a job with the government before their background was discussed. Brenda worked with her colleagues in the legislature to lower the fees for expungement to make getting your record cleared less of a financial burden. Brenda stood against the ‘English Only’ initiative to ensure that Nashville and all of Tennessee remains a welcoming place for everyone. Brenda Gilmore fought to remove symbols of racism and hatred from public places and has stood time and time again against injustice. Ultimately, Brenda Gilmore has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life for all people across Tennessee.

Brenda understands that the Tennessee General Assembly needs to spend its time improving the quality of life for all who call Tennessee home. Unfortunately, too much time is spent pushing policies that hurt families instead of working for the people. We need a State Senator with a record of fighting for the vulnerable and putting families first.

Ensuring that families have access to quality healthcare is at the core of improving the quality of life for all who call our city home, and Brenda will keep fighting to expand Medicaid. With over 300,000 uninsured residents in Tennessee, access to healthcare care is a top priority. Brenda is committed to working to increase access to preventative care and protect women’s’ health care rights. Brenda is committed to work to decrease health disparities across our State and support funding for wellness projects. In addition, Brenda is committed to working to decriminalize addiction and mental illness and to secure resources and wrap-around services for our children and seniors.

As a former Metro Council Member, Brenda will support local our local municipalities and grassroots organizations to and fight against the legislature that seeks to overturn local laws, initiatives, and operations. Brenda is committed to collaborating with local leaders to connect with the community and ensure that our neighbors have the best information available about what is happening in the Tennessee General Assembly.

As your State Senator, Brenda is committed to working to make the culture of our legislature open, transparent, and accessible. Brenda is committed to continuing to hold open town hall meetings before each legislative session.

Brenda has promised to fight to protect state funding that is dedicated to providing support for our seniors. She realizes that our seniors deserve our full support and the necessary funding to ensure they can stay in their homes after retirement, and Brenda is dedicated to working to make sure our seniors are not manipulated out of their investment and have the resources to stay in their neighborhoods.

Brenda is committed to fighting for good paying jobs that truly support working families. She believes that no one should work a full-time job, 40 hours a week, and still remain mired in poverty.

Nashville is the “It City” but not for everyone. Brenda wants to make sure that everyone is included in the economic boom happening in our city and across Tennessee so that every last Tennessean has a safe place to live and food each day. Brenda is committed to continuing to fight to increase access to contracts for small businesses because Minority and Women-Owned businesses need a fair chance to participate in the growth and development of our State.

Brenda knows that we must fully fund our public schools and expand universal Pre-K and early childhood education to all families. That means restoring public school funding, increasing the minimum wage, equal pay for equal work and ensuring that our seniors can retire with dignity and security. A quality education is a bridge to opportunity. Every child deserves a quality education regardless of their zip code., and she knows we must hold all schools systems accountable for providing the educational experiences our students deserve. We must support our public schools collaborating with school board officials, administrators, teachers, staff, and parents to make the improvements necessary to increase graduation rates.

Brenda also knows that climate change is real. She is committed to working to protect our natural resources, green spaces, and water sources. Our children deserve clean air and water in their schools. Brenda will fight big corporations that dump illegally and advocate for environmentally solutions for our community. Brenda will support investing in renewable energy sources that will ultimately reduce costs for Tennessee families.

Brenda is committed to ensuring that funding from the IMPROVE act is dedicated to addressing the transportation needs in our city. Brenda understands that any transportation solution must address the needs of working families, connect our youth to educational opportunity, and support our growing economy.

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She was ecstatic after a recent event, and as is typical for her, she shared her honest feelings.

“Last night at the North Nashville Forum, I enjoyed sharing my message of standing strong for providing children with an excellent public education, ensuring families have safe neighborhoods to call home, helping create good paying jobs, ensuring access to affordable housing for working people, providing quality healthcare and insurance across Tennessee, ensuring that communities have first-class infrastructures to support growing economies and populations, and ensuring everyone gets a fair shake with responsible criminal justice reform. If elected State Senator, these are the seven pillars that I will fight relentlessly for on behalf of the working people and families of Senate District 19. I will not rest until Senate District 19 is a place that is good for and to all who live here. I need your support this election to advance our issues. Please vote today through July 28 for early voting and vote on Election Day August 2! Every vote counts! Thank you for your support. I promise to give you my all.” -Brenda J. Gilmore