Kayne Avenue Missionary Baptist Church celebrates 146th anniversary

Rev. Harmon E. Stockdale, Jr.

Rev. Harmon E. Stockdale, Jr. and the members of Kayne Avenue Missionary Baptist Church are celebrating the church’s 146th anniversary July 25-29. The services will be held at 1025 12th Avenue South, Nashville, Tenn.

Kayne Avenue Missionary Baptist Church was established in 1872 under the leadership of Rev. E.T. Jones, and was originally named ‘The College Street Baptist Church.’ The church has relocated several times as well as changed names under different leadership.

In October 1965, Rev. Albert G. Jones accepted the call to become the church’s leader. On November 10, 1968, Kayne Avenue was devastated by a fire but still carried on worship services in the auditorium of Carter-Lawrence School from November 1968 to July 1969.

The groundbreaking of the new location of the church started on November 15, 1971. One year later in September, the members of the church marched into their new church home.

Since 1872, Kayne Avenue Baptist Church has been a beacon of hope and love within the South Nashville community. She is still one of the most loved churches in the area.

Responding to the question ‘what does 146 years mean to you?’ Deacon William Burney Jr. (one of Kayne Avenue’s newest deacons) said: “Many sermons, many lessons taught, many people helped, and many souls saved. Kayne Avenue continues to reach out to the Nashville community.”

On Wednesday, July 25, at 7 pm, Rev. James C. Turner II will be speaking, and the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church choir will be singing. On Sunday, July 29, at 10 am, Rev. Gary Bender, Chief Court Officer of the 3rd Division Criminal Court in Chattanooga, Tenn.. will speak. At the 2 pm service, Rev. Michelangelo Clark of Friendship Baptist Church will speak.

The members of Kayne Avenue Missionary Baptist Church are extending an invitation to all of Nashville and the surrounding communities to share in this special celebration.