Crystal ‘SaxLady’ Brown keeping grassroots and upscale music alive

Crystal ‘SaxLady’ Brown demonstrates musical poetry in action (courtesy photo).

Crystal ‘SaxLady’ Brown is a phenomenal woman in more ways than one. She is a highly skilled, talented musician who initially took an interest in music at the age of 11. She heard noted saxophonist, Rev. Dr. Vernard Johnson play ‘He Touched Me,’ and it was on after that. Crystal was determined to learn how to play the sax, and play it well. Rev. Dr. Vernon is known as the ‘Living Trailblazer’ by the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. They’ve deemed him as being ‘The Greatest Gospel Saxophonist in the World.’ Needless to say, he and his work made an irreversible impression on young Crystal.

When she was 15, Crystal along with her brother Charles (an organist) and her sister Celeste (a tenor saxophonist) forged a musical bond and became the ‘Wilson Players’ for 15 years. They sang and played in Memphis, Tenn. and throughout the United States in a myriad of venues. Life circumstances were key factors in her decision to take a break from playing the saxophone for over 10 years.

After meeting and marrying the love of her life and best friend Kenneth, they blended their beautiful family of six children and began their life together. They had been married a few years when Kenneth encouraged her to go back to her other love, the saxophone, and play once again.

The ‘SaxLady’ compiled and began playing again, taking advantage of new and rewarding opportunities to serve via her music, including weddings, private events, showers, conventions, churches and other special occasions at home (Memphis) and around the country.

“That lady can make that saxophone sing and talk! She is truly talented with an unmatched greatness that makes her hard to forget,” according to a ‘knowledgeable announcer’ at a ballroom in Atlanta, Ga. in 2016 at the Black Women in Jazz & the Arts Awards (BWIJA). The BWIA organization was launched in 2013 by a visionary known as ‘Sha Sha.’ Black Women in Jazz honors Black female musicians and related professionals via an annual awards gala.

However, there is more than meets the naked eye to the ‘SaxLady,’ but nothing short of being the staunch professional that she also remains in other areas of her life. Crystal (SaxLady) Brown is a regulatory specialist for a company which specializes in chemicals by day. By night she is a soulful saxophonist, playing soothing and pleasing music for all to enjoy.
She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and a Master of Science degree in ‘occupational safety and health/environmental management’ as well. She has over 25 years of chemical industry experience as a microbiologist, chemist, and regulatory/compliance. This hard-working, multi-talented woman of God is a member the Society of Chemical Hazard Communications. Other ‘SaxLady’ dynamics include the Order of the Eastern Star and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. She is a solid, trusted leader in her personal and professional life, with a strong dedication to her family, her music and anything she is involved in.

Crystal and husband, Kenneth, are members of Lindenwood Christian Church (DOC). Her music repertoire includes a wide range of choices, from Gospel to secular to Jazz and back again. She has played in Nashville, leaving audiences wondering when she will return and play more ‘ear-candy’ for them.

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