Power to Exhale Nashville launches Soulfood Sundays

P2E ‘Power Divas’ shown (l to r): Ashley Nicole Raglin, Stephanie A. Dunn-Redding, Stephanie and Kamara Glenn at the launch of P2E Soulfood Sundays. (photo by D. Culp)

The Nashville Chapter of the Power to Exhale (P2E) Power Divas members is always looking for a way to diversify this ever-growing group. Kamara Glenn, Stephanie A. Dunn-Redding and Ashley Nicole are the Power Divas for the Nashville Chapter. They are vested, talented women who seek and accept added support and contribution from the over 700 members of the group.

“It’s wise and good to remain open to new ways that will enhance, empower and help grow the positive women’s movement,” said one member.

Recently, the group brainstormed and ultimately launched ‘Soulfood Sundays,’ another positive and fulfilling way to nourish both the spirit and the appetite. A member will offer her church to be the host for a P2E Sunday visit with a potluck at her house or a gathering at a restaurant. Former Power Diva (and active P2E member) Jackie Stewart helped kick off the Soulfood Sunday series at her church, Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Antioch, Tenn. A group of P2E members came from near and far to join in and participate in the rousing, soul stirring, foot stomping 9:30 am service. Mt. Zion (Everywhere) is under the leadership of Bishop Joseph W. Walker III, the presiding bishop and senior pastor, with First Lady Dr. Stephanie Walker.

The Holy Spirit was high and in the house and flowed freely throughout the venue. That was another key factor in helping the P2E Nashville crew, launch and celebrate Soulfood Sundays. There will be more ahead. Afterwards, P2E Nashville member Natasha Clay opened her beautiful home to the ladies, successfully accommodating the sumptuous pot lock style brunch.

The ladies prayed together, thanking God for the meal, the sisterhood, the service and each other. They took individual and group photographs, re-kindling established friendships. Newer members were showered with the positive flow of the day and shared their joy at becoming a part of the progressive movement. The brunch was anything but dull. There was a consistent flow of laughter, gut level and positive conversation topped off with a sumptuous homemade meal.

All helped to strengthen the connections and bonding of individuals and the group as a whole. The chosen color for the event was purple, and rightfully so. Purple is considered to be a power color and the color representing royalty. A blessed culmination of millennial and seasoned women from various walks of life were in attendance.

The next Soulfood Sunday is slated by P2E Nashville member Lisa Leggett whose church will host. As the series rolls forward, each member will have an opportunity to offer themselves and their place of worship to the group.

“It was a pleasure hosting a group of powerful and positive ladies,” said Natasha Clay.
The organization was founded by Charla Young, who has literally created a safe, loving and productive base from which women can learn and grow. P2E is the ultimate support group and doesn’t discriminate when accepting or recruiting new members.

It includes a strong avenue for younger women from the group known as millennials.

The group is composed of really positive women who uplift and celebrate members all year long. They often travel to amazing places all over the world, taking romantic trips with their beaus or friends for amazingly affordable prices. Ladies can do all of that and much more through P2E. But it is now much more than just a trip. They have launched the brand through 53 local chapters around the globe bringing women of all ages, races and backgrounds together on one accord. Their mission at the end of every day is to change the DNA of women, i.e., the Demeaning Negative Attitudes of women one woman at a time.”

P2E membership is open to all women 18 and up, and potential members may sign up in the city in which they reside or the closest city available via the P2E website at www.Powertoexhale.org.