Kelly Miller Smith Tower Apt. Seniors kick off Dollar Club

Pictured (l to r) top: organizers Frankie Caldwell, Norma Stevenson; Kelly Miller Smith social worker, Rocenta Woods; and (bottom) Susie ‘Big Momma’ Miller (photo by D. Culp).

August came in hot, and the fun was even hotter when organizers of the Kelly Miller Smith Tower Apts. launched their Dollar Club. The apartment complex is named after the legendary Rev. Dr. Kelly Miller Smith, Sr. and houses senior and disabled residents under the HUD program.

Frankie Caldwell and Norma Stevenson were the key organizers. They were greatly supported by other residents and the Kelly Miller Smith Office staff. Membership is $1 per month and is open to extended family and friends of Kelly Miller Smith residents.

“The purpose of the club is to promote togetherness, friendship and getting to know your neighbor in a safe user-friendly environment. We play games, and snacks and drinks are provided. We play a variety of music and do all possible to connect residents for a stronger sense of togetherness—especially for those who don’t get out much or have anyone,” said Ms. Caldwell.

Games played include: chess, checkers, charades, lip sync, ‘connect four,’ and poker—played with chips, not actual money. The residents danced to the tune of Motown, Blues, Rock ‘n Roll and more. Some even danced in their wheelchairs and others snapped their fingers and grooved to the moves traditionally.

Some residents recalled the time and place they were when particular songs were played. This was confirmed by the look on their faces as they swayed from side to side, snapping their fingers or clapping their hands with joy.

Kelly Miller Smith resident Simone Hardison helped put small grab bags of chocolate candies together while spinning the CDs as the event’s DJ.

Organizers and volunteers took the time to teach some of the seniors how to play certain games, such as ‘connect four’ and chess.

The food items and snacks were purchased with the membership dollars received from the residents, prior to the event day. The cold drinks and ice were donated through the efforts of organizer Norma Stevenson.

The Kelly Miller Smith Senior Dollar Club organizers plan to host the event on a monthly basis. They encourage residents and other interested parties to have their money ($1) in at least two weeks prior to every month’s event. This will allow them to have adequate time to shop and properly organize. Donations are welcome and accepted at any time and may be facilitated by Ms. Caldwell. Messages can be left for her at 615-916-8818. She will answer within 24 to 48 hours.