A farewell to a legend/John McCain

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

The world mourns the passing of Senator John McCain of Arizona, an inspirational pioneer of hope and healing for a nation grasping to come together and reconcile despite it blatant differences. John was a model of what is good and respectable in this country. A country that is in needs of heroic conduits to help us see the strength in our commonalities not our differences.

John McCain resonated a humanitarian demeanor that superseded political ties and affiliations, opting to be guided by a moral compass refusing to compromise his soul. While his decisions may have caused dissension and calls of disloyalty among his Republican peers in Congress, it can’t be dismissed by anyone that he was his own man standing with integrity and honor for what he felt was right for the American public.

Whether you agreed with his political views, he carried himself in a way that demanded respect regardless of what side of the political spectrum you stood on. He was the personification of the slogan, “we may disagree but not be disagreeable”. He was an avid and staunch supporter honoring each one’s rights to acclaim their views respectfully. I can only hope that Congress honors his memory by working together regardless of one’s political party affiliation and enacting legislation that truly serves the people who elected them to Congress.

He heralded that bipartisan support was needed to push America’s agenda ahead and support or lack or support should be based on what was truly in the best interest of the public even if it meant going against party lines. He demonstrated this by being the descending vote going against his party (GOP) proposal trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). While this was a big blow to the Republican Party it warranted McClain upmost respect and adoration among a large spectrum of the nation and the world for abiding to what he felt was morally and consciously right. You see, the world applauds a true humanitarian willing to suffer the harsh repercussions that may come about, when staying true to one’s moral convictions.

Those who seek truth, dignity, and respect can only thank McClain for showing us how to live by example. We can count the times he showed respect for oppositional forces or candidates he was running against, showing us that it was only the differences in political views that separated them. He showed no vindictiveness or hostility toward those who opposed him.

What better example of love and respect than to request two of your biggest rivals (former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama) to speak at your funeral? Without saying- that speaks volumes to understanding the quality and integrity of the man he was. He manifested the best in us, and should be emulated if this nation is to be the best it can be. His was a life of uncompromising service and sacrifice for his country. His bravery was legendary in the face of his pending mortality. He not only taught us how to live but how to die with dignity.

While our prayers are with his family, may they find solace in the memories they share of having a loving,
compassionate, giant among men in their lives. May God bless and embrace John McClain- the son, the father and family man, the friend, the husband, the war veteran, the prisoner of war, the politician, the humanitarian and one of America’s favorite sons. Our nation and the world pay homage to a once scintillating star that has been distinguished. We love you Sen. John McCain, “Rest in Peace.”