Dr. Joy presents the 2018 W.E.B. DuBois Lecture at Fisk September 25

Dr. Joy DeGruy

Dr. Joy DeGruy is a nationally and internationally renowned researcher, educator, author and presenter. She is an ambassador for healing and a voice for those who’ve struggled in search of the past, and continue to struggle through the present.

Dr. Joy is the acclaimed author of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome — America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: The Study Guide, and another book in the works, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome Part 2: Be The Healing.

Through lectures, workshops, seminars and special guest appearances, Dr. Joy has shined a light on the critical issues affecting society. Those who have experienced Dr. Joy in person can tell you that they have been “stimulated, enlightened and inspired.” Dr. Joy’s seminars have been lauded as the most dynamic and inspirational currently being presented on the topics of culture, race relations and contemporary social issues.

Dr. Joy will be presenting the 2018 W.E.B. DuBois Lecture at Fisk University on Tuesday, September 25 in the Appleton Room of Jubilee Hall. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. and the program will begin promptly at 7:00 p.m. The W.E.B. DuBois Lecture Series is sponsored by Jazzy 88 WFSK radio station FM 88.1 and Alkebu-Lan Images Bookstore, 2721 Jefferson Street, Nashville 37208. Purchase your tickets now at Alkebu-Lan Images Bookstore; they are $20 in Advance, $15 Students w/ID, and will be $25 at the door. Call 615-321-4111 for store hours.

Dr. Joy — Dr. Joy Angela DeGruy — holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications; two master degrees, in Social Work and Clinical Psychology; and a PhD in Social Work Research. With over twenty years of practical experience as a professional in the field of social work, she gives a practical insight into various cultural and ethnic groups that form the basis of contemporary American society. She is an Assistant Professor at Portland State University in the School of Social Work (2001-present) as well as President, Joy DeGruy Publications (2005-Present).

Oprah Winfrey andDr. Joy Angela DeGruy.

The lecture is entitled “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome – Effects of Slavery and Institutionalized Racism.” As a result of many years of quantitative and qualitative research, Dr. Joy developed her theory, which addresses the residual impacts of generations of slavery and opens up the discussion of how the black community can use the strengths we have gained in the past to heal in the present.

“P.T.S.S. is a theory that explains the etiology of many of the adaptive survival behaviors in African American communities throughout the United States and the Diaspora,” say Dr. Joy. “It is a condition that exists as a consequence of multigenerational oppression of Africans and their descendants resulting from centuries of chattel slavery. A form of slavery which was predicated on the belief that African Americans were inherently / genetically inferior to whites. This was then followed by institutionalized racism which continues to perpetuate injury. Thus, resulting in M.A.P. — M: Multigenerational trauma together with continued oppression; A: Absence of opportunity to heal or access the benefits available in the society; leading to P: Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.”

Some patterns of behavior that tend to occur include: vacant esteem; insufficient development of what Dr. Joy refers to as primary esteem, along with feelings of hopelessness, depression and a general self destructive outlook; marked propensity for anger and violence; extreme feelings of suspicion, perceived negative motivations of others; violence against self, property and others, including the members of one’s own group, i.e. friends, relatives, or acquaintances; racist socialization and internalized racism); learned helplessness, literacy deprivation, distorted self-concept, antipathy or aversion for the following: the members of ones own identified cultural / ethnic group; the mores and customs associated ones own identified cultural / ethnic heritage; and the physical characteristics of ones own identified cultural / ethnic group. She explores replacing behaviors which are today maladaptive with ones that will promote and sustain the healing and ensure the advancement of African American culture. The Study Guide provides useful and practical tools to help the reader develop skills aimed at transforming negative attitudes and behaviors into positive ones.

In addition to her pioneering work in the explanatory theory and book, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, she has developed a culturally based education model for working with children and adults of color. Dr. Joy consulted with Oprah on her 7-part series, “Belief” in 2015. Other topics Dr. Joy presents workshops on include: Diversity Training, Healing Workshops, Culture Specific Models, Community Building, and Violence and Gang Prevention.