Our Congress at its worst

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

During the process leading to the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Justice, the American public saw the worst examples of what our judicial, legislative and executive branches of government have succumbed to—highlighted by some antics from key elected senators. The shenanigans displayed were an embarrassment to our country and an unfavorable indictment on many of the sworn elected servants that are supposed to represent the American people. It was literally a circus showcasing the ineptitude and self-interest of various parties. It was apparent that the GOP-dominated Senate Judiciary Committee had already made up their minds to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, oblivious to the credible testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford accusing him of sexual misconduct during high school. Many would argue that the search for truth took a backseat.

Appointment to the Supreme Court is a monumentally important lifetime position and shouldn’t have been rushed and taken lightly. It affects the future of up and coming generations on important issues. It should be noted that party politics took top priority. At many times, Kavanaugh seeking confirmation and his accuser seeking justice appeared merely as pawns being moved in a chess game.

Democratic and Republican party politics should not have been the main focus in determining the competency of whether Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. This abuse of power (especially by the GOP led Judiciary Committee) was undeniable, inundated with sensational rhetoric. The Senate Judiciary Committee does not represent the makeup of this country, and they blatantly made it known they were united in using partisan politics to confirm Kavanaugh. The hearing was literally a farce mounted to appease opponents against Kavanaugh’s confirmation. And we all know the investigation by the FBI was incomplete and bias.

No doubt for many Americans, especially people of color and women, the Senate Judiciary Committee was seen as a select regime of old White self-serving misogynistic men, appearing unsympathetic and apathetic to the abuse of women. Many are quick to say the majority of these men had made a career of being in Congress, serving their own self interests as they became rich by advocating for the concerns of big corporations—putting the desires of the wealthy over the needs and concerns of average working citizens.

It was a realistic and disappointing look at the flaws in our governing system. Everyone was able to see loopholes and the abuse of laws taking top priority over truth, justice and the best interests of this country. While it could be said that both parties played politics at the expense of the hearing, the preponderance of abuse was by the governing Judiciary Committee with caustic rants and outbursts. They literally overlooked the testimony of the accuser in their attempt to claim foul play by the Democrats. It was apparent the Senate Judiciary Committee was more concerned with upholding the innocence and integrity of Brett Kavanaugh—regardless of the allegations brought against him by his accuser.

The Senate Judiciary Committee’s main argument was that the hurtful and degrading testimonies by those being questioned could have been avoided under a private and closed investigation (so much for the transparency the American people are crying out for from our elected officials). I’m not going to say which political party brought a bad taste to your mouth. If you had eyes and ears and could divorce yourself from party affiliation, it was plain to see which party disregarded the evidence presented.

There were two things that could be assumed from the process that brought on Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. Truth and justice seemed obsolete in the Senate, and all three branches of the government have failed the American people. The two main political parties have lost credibility in truly working for and serving American citizens. There are a growing number of citizens who feel the need to overhaul our governing branches by disregarding the two main self-serving political parties.

Common sense dictates that Brett Kavanaugh’s candidacy was too controversial concerning the sexual harassment allegations against him and his excessive drinking. And that’s not to even mention his inappropriate temperament manifested at times during his confirmation hearing. Seriously, there must have been more suitable choices that would not have divided this country. You should not give someone like Kavanaugh a lifetime appointment with the power to decide key issues concerning our lives when there are this many doubts and reservations brought to the table.

Is it too much to wish that members of political parties would be willing to put the best interests of the American people first in deciding issues regardless of political allegiance, especially over self serving issues that could divide us as a country? The recent fiasco of ramroding Brett Kavanaugh down our throats by the Senate Judiciary Committee was truly a wakeup call for many Americans, and I am betting voters will come out in force and bring about change in November.