Brenda Gilmore makes use of valuable resources, new avenues

Brenda Gilmore with daughter Erica Gilmore and Randy Button of the Capitol Strategy Group. (photo D. Culp)

Mid-week ‘campaign flows’ revved up in North Nashville at the meet and greet fundraiser for state Rep. Brenda Gilmore. Dwayne Collier and former Councilman and current Nashville NAACP President Ludye Wallace hosted the event at their ‘Ten45’ venue, located at 1045 Dr. Enoch Jones Blvd. and Clifton Ave., behind Mary’s Barbecue. There was a mixture of old and new friends, families and supporters, civic and community leaders, including: Randy Button of the Capitol Strategy Group; Councilwoman-at-larger Erica Gilmore (with daughter Anayah Gilmore); Rev. Vernita Lewis; and Lola Brown.

Raising money wasn’t the main crux of the evening. It was about connecting with the community and what lies ahead for the upcoming serious election. Throughout the campaign Brenda Gilmore has stood firmly for things affecting Nashvillian’s lives. The importance of everyone registering to vote and then voting for whomever they choose has been essential to her message.

“It’s amazing how many people misunderstand or simply do not know how to vote,” stated one guest.

Brenda Gilmore and Ludye Wallace. (photo by D. Culp)

Brenda continues to fight on the front lines to attract good paying jobs for working families, expand Medicare, other accesses to health care, and improve the quality of life for all who call Tennessee home. She advocates heavily for seniors and is committed to finding more solutions to youth violence.

Rep. Brenda Gilmore has been serving the Nashville community for more than two decades. As a strong voice for Nashville in the Metro Council and as an experienced and progressive leader in the Tennessee General Assembly, Gilmore is one of Tennessee’s most trusted and dedicated leaders.

Brenda Gilmore and Granddaughter Anayah Gilmore. (photo by D. Culp)

With the November 2 General Election coming up, there may not be enough time in a day to get everyone registered—but clearly the effort is paramount. No one can be a productive force without teamwork, and Brenda is blessed to have a core team and a satellite team behind her.

Gilmore and her campaign team have reached out and are still accepting volunteers and campaign participants. Much work still needs to be done, and that factor will double on Election Day.

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