Davidson County, White’s Creek Community Club Awards Banquet is tremendous success

Rep. Brenda Gilmore and Mayor David Briley. (photo by D. Culp)

The Davidson County Council of Community Clubs 2018 Awards Banquet was a wonderful and very important community event. Attendees celebrated the many who help make their community a little better than it was the previous day. That is how improvement and change often occurs.

“I was there at that event to praise and support all the great work that our community members do to make Nashville a better place to work and raise a family,” said Mac Wilson, president of the Whites Creek Community Club.

“They do a great job throughout the year,” said state Rep. and senatorial candidate Brenda Gilmore.”

Members and guests from near and far attended the event, including: Councilman Jonathan Hall; Councilwoman Brenda Haygood; Property Assessor Vivian Michael Wilhoite; Ben Jordan, Goodhope Development Consulting, LLC; Lola Brown; Tonya Sherrell; Rev. Vernita Lewis; and Mayor of Nashville David Briley. Accompanying Mayor Briley was Lawrence E. Hall, director of Neighborhoods & Community Engagement; Detective Kevin D. Akin of his Security Division; and Michael Barry, county director. UT-TSU Extension handled the Council Election (for the club) and the awards portion of the ceremony. Musician Dan Harrell provided soothing and upbeat background music and the cornucopia of food served put the finishing touches on an amazing evening.

The various community and neighborhood associations are truly the lifeblood of our city. These organizations are the closest on the ground to the people. They create the pulse that reverberates across Nashville.

“Our neighborhood and community associations allow people to often divide us across the country,” said County Council President Mac Wilson. “Ultimately, it is the power of neighborhood and community relationships to change hearts and minds and advance our people. I will continue to be a supporter and advocate for neighborhood and community organizations. They are the fabric that weaves together our communities into our great city.

“Please join your community and neighborhood organizations and participate at the grassroots level in making your community a better place to live. I will always keep my ear to the ground and an open door to our community and neighborhood associations. They are simply a part of the best that we have in our city.”

Special kudos to the dedicated and highly committed winners in their categories, which included: vegetable gardens, flower gardens, community and club improvement, community club, featured club, and overall community club winners. Special kudos to the Whites Creek Community Club for receiving the Overall Club Winner designation. Rep. Gilmore is a member of that club along with others.