Equity Alliance and Tumblr team up for #VotingIsLit Community Block Party

The Equity Alliance at the Tennessee State University homecoming parade. The Equity Alliance and Tumblr will be hosting a Don’t Boo, Vote! Halloween-themed and family friendly event at the Southeast Library & Community Center in Antioch. (courtesy photo)

The Equity Alliance is teaming up with Tumblr to invite the community to its #VotingIsLit Community Block Party this Saturday at the Southeast Library & Community Center located at 560 Hickory Hollow Parkway in Antioch. The event is free and open to the public.

Bridget Kyeremateng, Tumblr’s Head of Social Impact will be the spokesperson at the event.

In a Facebook post, the Equity Alliance said, “Get your costumes ready and join us at the Don’t Boo Vote! Halloween Edition of the #Votingislit Community Block Party this Saturday! Costume contest, food, music, trunk or treat and EARLY VOTING! This is a free event open to the public! Sponsored by @Tumblr. See you there! #VotingisLit #VoteEarly #GetitDone #blackvotesmatter #blacknashville #nashville #antiochtn #vote”.

This is the third celebration hosted by the organization and will consist of a number of activities including a costume contest, non-profit resources, trunk or treat, food, music, and family fun. Participants will be encouraged to vote at nearby polling stations during the block party.

“The second block party in July resulted in the highest day for voter turnout for the Southeast Community Center Precinct, and we’re hoping to continue the momentum and increase voter turnout in Antioch,” said officials.

The Equity Alliance proactively advocates for African Americans and other communities of color to have a fair and just opportunity at realizing the American dream. As a social network known for its outspoken, civically-minded community, and as a company known for its activism and social responsibility, Tumblr has the opportunity to change the culture of voting.

And by joining together, these two organizations that represent the community of future voters and the future representation of America push for change, and through #VotingIsLit, are making voting and civic participation joyous and fun for everyone.