Deborah Ann Culp remembered fondly

Deborah Ann Culp aka #GodsWriterGirl.

Deborah Ann Culp joined the Pride Publishing Group family in March of 2015. An accomplished journalist, photographer and social media strategist with over 20 years of hard earned experience, although originally from Detroit, Michigan, she became a Nashville resident in 2014, after stops in North Carolina and Florida. She transitioned from this life suddenly on Friday morning, October 26, 2018 at her residence.

Deborah had moved to Nashville to get on with her life after surviving and experiencing several tragic events, and she maintained a passionate desire to move forward and help others along the way. A great deal of her passion and drive stemmed from being a Lupus SLE survivor, who also overcame the death of her husband, her daughter, and her mother-in-law, almost back to back.

“In my life, I’ve been from one extreme to another, personally and professionally,” Deborah once wrote. “After the deaths of my daughter, husband of 25 years and my dear mother in law – I became very despondent, lost my will to live, and depressed. I threw in the proverbial towel, picked up a nasty prescription drug habit and subsequently had a nervous breakdown. My remaining child, a son who is now a Sergeant in the USMC, returned home from his 1st Afghanistan deployment to ‘literally rescue and re-locate me, from me and in general.’

“The rescue took and I jumped in with both feet to take advantage of my second chance. I wanted to support and to take care of myself via my skills and abilities and resources and to help others, get a leg up or a second chance too.”

She and her late husband had raised one son together, William Culp IV, who now proudly serves in the United States Marine Corps. Having a hand in helping various young people, family and friends who either joined the military or went on to college, she launched a military family support group called ‘Minority Military Moms and Supporters.’ Any mother or family member is welcome to join or be a positive part of that information and support group.

Once asked how she ‘stays the course,’ Deborah said she attributed each and everything to God first, her faith and the many earth angels she was blessed with. The latter ranged from support groups to caring family and friends across the country and beyond.

Also known as #GodsWriterGirl, Deborah was a professional, accomplished and experienced journalist, and photographer, for the Pride Publishing Group, for DIVINE Magazine Online, and also she contributed to other publications as a freelancer and ghostwriter. Deborah’s extensive publication writing includes: The Michigan Black Press Association; Detroit News, ‘On Detroit’ columnist: Wilmington Star News online, Divine Caroline, Divine magazine; The Tennessee Tribune, Convenient Shopper magazine; The Treva and Kevin Show; TPEpost News; Change Gospel magazine; The History of Jazz Music; LiveMyGospel; The Streets Don’t Love You Back;; Fabulous Female & Fly, Path magazine; and her Blog: ‘Debbie’s World.’ Always wanting to help others she started ‘God’s Writer Girl Ministries’ in 2012, an online writing and communications ministry.

Ms. Culp served on her church Swift Tabernacle Baptist Church’s Social Ministry Team. She also assisted with her apartment building newsletter and loved taking photographs for special events, and volunteering. Her hobbies included writing, photography, music, movies, travel, thrift shopping, sightseeing various attractions, and the precious time she spends with family and friends. Among those cherished family members were William Culp IV, Son; Frederick Leon Culp, Brother; Karen F. Williams, Sister; Sharon DuMas-Pugh, Sister; Gail D. Homes, Aunt; Helen Davis, Aunt; W. Deezy Davis, Cousin; Barbara Jayne Bolling, Cousin; Brente Davis, Cousin; Orgmoney Kingkam, Grandson; and Cynthia Culp, Sister-in-law.

Educated in the Detroit Public Schools, she studied Radio/TV/FCC License at Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts in Southfield, Michigan, and studied Telecommunications engineering at Henry Ford CC/ University of Michigan Dearborn.

“I define success by being grateful for each day and to do all in your power to make the most of it,” Deborah wrote. “To give 110 %, never to say insignificant things such as: “it’s not my problem, it’s not my job, or I don’t know… Success to me is to help others, lend a hand while maintaining your professionalism in the process. Never take anyone or anything for granted or for its face value, some of the best information and resources may be hidden in plain sight. Last, to never ask of someone, something that you wouldn’t do yourself… Money is very important and it’s best to enjoy your work, do it with a sincere passion and the rest will fall into place!”

At press time, a Memorial Service / Celebration of Life was planned for Wednesday, October 31 at The Ivy Center on Clarksville Highway.

What folks say about Deborah:

When I learned that Deborah Culp passed I was sad but then I remembered that a life well served is a life well lived. Deborah was an amazing journalist who believed in giving voice to people in a meaningful way. She served others with a smile, a camera, and a pen through the art of the oral tradition of storytelling. I remember when she decided to join church, she invited me to accompany her and it was a blessing to witness her give her life to God. We loved her smile, her laugh, and love. To me she was more than a writer, she was a friend and she will be missed.
-Dr. Katherine Y. Brown

Ms. Deborah always had words of encouragement for me. She was genuinely interested in my family and me. I will miss her laughter and how she always told me that I was destined to go great things. Every time I saw her she would ask about my three brothers and me. She remembered every detail and truly cared.
– Sydney Y. K. Brown

As we say goodbye to a fellow writer, I am reminded of Deborah’s great sense of sharing and respect to her collegues. When she came to the PRIDE, she always wanted to know if an event she was going to cover was something that I had done in the past. Or, if we happened to attend the same event, she took great care to understand if it was something that she needed to write or if she needed to yield the story to me. Nevertheless, we never had a problem and she relished sharing her pictures with me, often sharing a photo of the two of us. Although her pen is stilled, “God’s Writer Girl” has written her own legacy throughout her lifetime.
– Wanda Clay

Deborah A Culp, my very dear friend and sis, as we always called each other, passed away this morning. I have so many fond memories of her and so many stories to share. She was a delight to be around and she will be terribly missed by me personally. Her friendship was invaluable. Deborah, I love you and will miss you!! Rest In Peace my sister. Everyone please keep her son, father and family in your prayers. The last time I talked with her was Tuesday morning. You never know when it’s going to be the last time you talk or see a dear friend. My heart hurts, but I’m at peace knowing God’s Writer Girl is safe and at home with her husband and our creator, God. I always loved her tag line, “God’s Writer Girl”. Habakkuk 2:2- “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.” This scripture was profound to me and the basis of many discussions we shared together. This is and will be my greatest memory. Rest In Peace my dear friend. You accomplished your assignment and God is well pleased!!
– Judge Rachel L. Bell

She was always happy when she lived here, and after she moved out she remained very close friends with another resident, Frankie Caldwell. They loved walking together to take the bus, even though Frankie had a car.She loved to see Black women involved with organizations. She was a proud member of the Red Hatters. She was so very delightful!
– Gail Taylor, Asst.Mgr., Kelly Miller Smith Towers