Memories of 2018 TSU homecoming

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

It seems that TSU homecomings only get better year after year. This homecoming was no exception with the multitude of activities and the coming together of the university’s alumni, students, friends, and the Nashville community. It all added up to fun, excitement, pride, appreciation, and overflowing love. Many participants will quickly attest that you can go anywhere to a homecoming—but there is nothing like a TSU homecoming.

Tennessee State University is one of the premiere starships representing HBCUs and the university’s significance and relevancy was definitely highlighted during this festive week. There was a plethora of alumni and supporters attending from all over the nation excitingly emerging upon the city in eager anticipation of the exciting festivities. You can say that Nashville became a rolling sea of blue and white. Private get-togethers, parties, reunions, cookouts, dances, and concerts inundated the week and were only superseded by the feel of family that was generated.

Some of the spectacular events highlighting TSU Homecoming included the Alumni White Out (which gets better year after year), Breakfast of Champions, the Scholarship Gala, the TSU Parade, the Homecoming Football game and the numerous parties and concerts following the game. You could say a fun time was had by all.

The catalyst for bringing all this love and excitement to our city was our beloved TSU. Alumni who are making their mark all over the country and the world returned to the institution that made it possible to pay homage and unite with fellow classmates and friends. This admiration and deference permeated our sincere and genuine reunion.

It was laden with love for one another and adamant respect for the part TSU has played in molding lives and serving the world.

The hugs, the smiles, and the love from seeing former classmates could not be measured. It was literally divine. The friendships, bonds, and relationships made possible through this institution are only comparable to the knowledge gained to prepare TSU students to succeed in life—while serving others being is its greatest call.

TSU exudes greatness that is exemplified by the achievements and accomplishments of many of its alumni on a local, state, national, and global level. TSU’s alumni may be found being productive and successful in any field of human endeavor, e.g., doctors, nurses, social work, lawyers, engineers, legislators, judges, tech specialists, health care, educators, scientists, inventors, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, et al. TSU gives our community, its students, and alumni a reason to celebrate and in grand style, second to none.

Thank God for HBCUs like TSU that highlight the best of people, especially African Americans in their quest to be the best and give back while manifesting an unswerving love to their alma mater and each other. That is why TSU homecoming is a festive celebration of unadulterated pride, dedication, respect, and love.

This Homecoming was also special for me because it was the 45th reunion of my college fraternity line, ‘The Cold Blooded 22’of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. We were blessed to have 18 of my line brothers in attendance. It was awesome to think that TSU was the conduit that bought 22 young men in their teens from different parts of the country together to form a lifelong bond that would stand the test of time and boundaries. It is an extraordinary blessing that we don’t take for granted. I know the numerous groups, fraternities, and sororities having reunions during this homecoming felt the same way. With much love, thanks TSU for making relationships and dreams possible. What an awesome homecoming!