Author Regina Vincent-Williams want answers

Dr. Regina Vincent Williams as Uncle Sam.

Released last month is a new book by someone addressing then-candidate Donald Trump’s question: What do African Americans have to lose by voting for him? The book is self-published by Regina Vincent – Williams, a native of Talladega, Alabama, someone quite familiar with how the underserved are overlooked, marginalized, degraded, and discriminated against.

Vincent-Williams recently did three back-to-back book signings to launch her latest book, Dear Donald- What Do We Have to Lose? The book was written in response to a question raised during the 2016 contest for the presidency. Vincent-Williams said the book is written more to get people to vote in 2018 rather than answer the query. The book signings were held at Alkebu-Lan Images in Nashville, TN; Jazz & Soul in Hopkinsville KY; and at the public library in Talladega AL, her place of birth. At each signing she performed her poetry in dramatic fashion. Also encouraging Nashvillians to Vote early with a free bookmark: If you didn’t vote in 2016 – You Voted For Donald!

“Hearing the question, ‘what do we have to lose?’ was an insult,” Vincent-Williams said. But rather than write about what African Americans and other people of color have to lose, she writes about what the world has to lose. In the current work, Dear Donald: What Do We Have To Lose?, Dr. Gena Dee brings reality to some of the most unbelievable things we experience living in the time of the 45th President. She provides clarity to one’s consciousness regarding issues of this presidency, which many of us have tried to ignore or may not want to believe. And she does this in a concise and humorous manner making this one of her most timely and impactful works.

Writing under the pen name Dr. Gena Dee, Vincent-Williams shares her views on a variety of topics in her six self-published books. She addresses love, romance, break-ups, spirituality, politics, finances, faith, and fearlessness. Her other titles are Answering God’s Wakeup Call; From Grandmother, With Love; Broken Hearts Do Heal; Surviving Life Between a Rock and a Very Hard Place, and Yes, God, I’m Listening.

A poet/motivational speaker/and freelance photographer, Gena Dee also enjoys life in her role as mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. One of her several “passions” (besides writing, acting, and activism) is to raise money for and awareness of Sickle Cell Anemia. She holds the Ed.D. from Tennessee State University (Nashville) and received both the M.S. and B.S. from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Dr. Gena Dee is a panelist on Freestyle (WFSK- 88.1 FM Mondays at 6 pm with Ron Wynn). She resides in Northeast Ohio where she enjoys writing, community theatre and community service, photography, and fly-fishing at the Trout Club and in open streams.

You can get her books at Alkebu-Lan Images, 2721 Jefferson Street, Nashville; phone 615-321-4111 for store hours. The new book sells for $15 and can also be purchased directly from the author (shipping and handling included). Order via EMAIL: or